10 Amusing Facts about Lipstick

  • by Maria Denardo
  • posted at 12:56 pm
  • December 1, 2010

1. In the peak of her career, Elizabeth Taylor became known for her sultry roles and glossy red lips. It’s been said that on certain movie sets, Ms. Taylor banned the other actresses from wearing the same color. No one comes between a diva and her makeup!

2. Most lipsticks are made up of wax, oils, and coloring agents…oh yeah, and fish scales. That’s where all the shimmery goodness comes from.

3. When did men stop wearing cosmetics? As a New Yorker, I’m tempted to give you a different answer. However, most men stopped during the French Revolution when a painted pout meant you sympathized with the aristocracy.

4. In 1930, Elizabeth Arden proclaimed that women who wore lipstick were more employable than their bare-faced counterparts. Needless to say, beauty sales skyrocketed.

5. According to a study by Manchester University, men prefer women with luscious red lips over any other hue. Following in second place was Red’s flirty cousin, Pink.

6. The average woman ingests six pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.

7. There’s a rumor floating around the industry that Clinique sells one lipstick every second. Fact or not, I really enjoy the sound of that.

8. Cleopatra favored lip color made from henna for its long-lasting, smudge proof effects, which makes the last pharaoh of Egypt the first lip stain addict.

9. 5% of each tube is left on the sides of coffee mugs and teacups.

10. Queen Elizabeth II has her very own lipstick. It’s called The Balmoral and happens to perfectly match her coronation robes. It’s tough being royal.

Maria Denardo

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