Collaboration Station: True Blood Get’s The Lippman Treatment

Love it or leave it.  You have to admit that True Blood’s cast of vampires are verrry attractive.  Which means that, naturally, cosmetics companies have come a-calling (Remember last summer’s Tarte collab?).

You might also recall earlier in the week when we told you about beauty emporium Sephora’s latest prediction that the look for fall 2012 would take a decided turn away from the summer’s brights and neutrals, for a look that’s positively vampish — it seems The Home Shopping Network got that memo too.  HSN has released its latest pairing with nail lacquer maven Deborah Lippman and HBO’s vampire hit True Blood — a cosmetics collection inspired by the show’s most famous vamp and vamp-loving beauties Pam, Jessica and Sookie.  Dubbed the True Blood Forsaken Cosmetics Collection, this line includes a fragrance called “Forsaken,” a body cream, and a set of Lippman’s beloved nail polishes in a black cherry called “Bad Blood,” a white called “Fairy Dust,” and a plum called “Strange Love.”  The centerpiece of the collection, however, is Lippman’s first foray into lip color, a super hydrating blackberry-hued lipstick called “Bite Me.”

“It has a strong sentiment behind it because we didn’t want to introduce my first lip color in a subtle way,” Lippmann recently told InStyle magazine.  “We worked hard to create an innovative lipstick formula that provides a nail lacquer-inspired fashion-forward intensity, shine, and color.”  Those are some serious promises for a lipstick — a perfect way to vamp up your fall pout!


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