Posh Beauty Expert of the Week: Susan Posnick

After an exciting and distinguished career painting the faces of models and celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Amber Valetta, Renee Russo, and Diane Lane,
professional makeup artist Susan Posnick came face to face with a new challenge —skin cancer.
After being diagnosed with the disease, Susan set aside the majority of her work in the film and fashion industry, and changed her focus to developing an innovative product offering substantial sun protection and healthy foundation coverage. Beginning with COLORFLO mineral foundation in 2002, Susan has since created a complete cosmetic line of multi-purpose face, lip, and eye products-essential for simple, modern beauty.
Learn how the makeup artist, cancer survivor and entrepreneur built her dream and continues to be an inspiration to those growing their careers:

What has been your most memorable moment working in the beauty industry?

When Susan Posnick Cosmetics launched in Japan my business was only a few years old and when I visited Tokyo and saw my products displayed on the counters there, it was one of those “pinch me- am I dreaming?” moments

I think then, more than at any other time, I realized that my business was real and international; and that all the hard work and perseverance was truly beginning to pay off.
What does beauty mean to you?

Smiling, believing in yourself, and of course makeup that enhances and portrays the beauty found within.
How do you stay inspired as an entrepreneur and business owner?

By believing that what I am doing really does make a difference; that my products make beauty and life easier for women and that with my sun protection products, we really can prevent skin cancer.
What is next for your career?

New products and more distribution!
Where do you see the future of the beauty industry going for professionals like yourself?

I see the industry as continuing to get more challenging for independent entrepreneurs like myself. The large cosmetic companies are getting even more difficult to compete with and even in the realm of social media they have unlimited resources to reach out to potential new customers. That being said, fortunately there are always women out there who are looking for something different that works- and prefer supporting the ‘ indie’ brands .
How do you stay relevant in an ever-changing industry?

By trying to stay ahead of the curve with my products and packaging; and to always ask myself, as a working mom who owns a business and travels the world – what do I want?
Who were your mentors and how did they assist you as you built your career?

Mary Kay was an incredible mentor. I was her personal makeup artist for 18 years and being in her presence taught me so much about how to ‘believe in myself.’ Her desire and success in instilling motivation, confidence and self- respect in others was paramount in her life. She always treated others with respect and integrity, and in turn showed others how to do the same. She was a life mentor to me, a friend, and as it turns out, a business mentor as well.
Describe your favorite beauty industry job experience and what made it memorable?

Touring with rock and roll bands- need I say more?
What has been your most valuable lesson working in this industry?

Maintaining perseverance (though some may call it stubbornness ) even in the most difficult of times.


If you were stranded on an island what top beauty products would you not be able to live without?

BRUSH ON BLOCK for sun protection, SusanPosnick COLORESSENTIAL lipstick in RIO, Waterproof liquid liner.
Finish this sentence: A woman is most beautiful when… she feels confident.


What is your advice for anyone looking to break into this industry? Hire people people who know how to do the things you are not good at, and let them do their jobs and listen. None of us are good at everything. Be patient with yourself, your growth, your manufacturers and know that some mistakes will be costly ones.


Learn more about Susan Posnick at www.SusanPosnick.com and on Twitter and Facebook.

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