Topshop Dips Its Toes In the Middle American Market

Finding fast fashion in the middle of America can be a challenge, with overseas superstores like Uniqlo and Zara sticking close to their ultra-urban coastal guns (Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York) — but for those of you looking to stay on-trend anywhere other than our biggest coastal hovels, all is not lost.

Topshop announced today that they are tip-toeing their way — with caution — into some of the less populated U.S. cities in addition to adding new stores in Miami, DC, Boston, and San Francisco. Why the caution?

Zara recent summation made it clear, “The United States is a graveyard of European retailers. Everyone who has gone there has struggled.” And while each store, city and brand is a little different, like any market, there is a formula.

The Brit-brand’s brave exploratory front is likely inspired by the 25% stake in Topshop that Los Angeles-based investment firm Leonard Green & Partners purchased in December in order to ”[increase] the retailer’s US sales to $1 billion and doubling global sales over the next three to four years.”

But don’t expect to find the coveted stores in every U.S. mall. Topshop owner Sir Philip Green had this to say about choosing the locations, “If you go across America, there will be 15, 20, 25 malls you want to be in, the key ones, and the others you have to be choosy about. [...] We are going to go carefully and cherry-pick locations. We will take our time.”

And by that he means that Topshop probably hasn’t decided, evidenced by the fact that they have yet to disclosed any of the 50+ new — and less populated — locales that it’s planning, but when they do… we here at PoshBeauty will certainly let you know.

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