2012′s Worst Fashion Offending Trends

Lucky you! Santa may have awarded your less than stellar “naughty vs. nice” ratio this year with a big-ol’-lump-o’-coal (admit it, you might have deserved that), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still benefit from the festive holiday.

Today is the first day of the Christmas sale season, so while you’re scouring the online-sale racks for those post-holiday scores, beware those ghosts of the recent season past that aren’t quite as multi-seasonal as some of their counterparts.

Here are some 2012 looks that — should you find them amongst the discount racks — you might think twice about buying.

Fashion experts at a flurry of the web’s most fashionable websites and blogs have dubbed the following trends as more FAIL than WIN in the style department. Some of the worst offenders include the wedge sneaker that nearly every designer tried their hand at, ankle-breaking platforms, the less than flattering wide leg pant, high-waisted shorts, floppy hats, crop tops, across the forehead headbands, and… wait for it… neon.

So should you run across those brighter than bright yellows, greens, pinks and oranges, or any number of those trends listed above, you might want to take a pass. Some trends just have a shorter shelf life than others.


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