3 Easy Looks for Winter Weather Hair

The last thing we want to think about in the morning after fighting to get out our warm, comfy beds to prepare for work, is our hair. Especially when the weather we face “out there” isn’t very inviting. Wake up your tresses with 3 easy hair styles that you can create at home to get your day started off right.

Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Create a classic look like ‘Undercovers’ actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw by gathering hair mid-crown behind the head and secure with a clip. Use a medium curling iron to add body to the loose hair and separate curls for a soft, chic look.

Simple Up-do for Natural Hair

Create a chic up do that will take you literally less than 10 minutes to achieve! Gather hair into a neat pony tail and wrap the loose hair with a hairnet to catch fly-aways. Add a sassy clip or flower for extra pizzazz and delicate earrings to complete the look.

Simple Lock Style

For women with locks, creating a flattering style is as simple as taking a smile front section of your hair and securing to the other side of your head for a 1-2-3 step that adds versatility and sophistication.

Finish all three looks with Jane Carter Solution Leave in Conditioner Spray or your favorite shine mist and say good morning to your beautiful hair!

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