3 Unbelievable Beauty Buys Coming To The Drug Store

There’s no down economy for the beauty industry. From lip stick to innovations in colors and technology, everyone at every income has an opportunity to have access to the best in beauty. Check out some unbelievable beauty buys making their way onto the market via Allure.com

1. Wipe on Botox?

Needles are a thing of the past with Revance, a wipe-on Botox / Dysport product that’s carried through the skin by a chemical peptide. instead of going to a doctor’s office for injections, the product is being tested to potentially wipe away crows-feet at home.


2. No More Gray Hairs?

Apparently retouching color with be a thing of the past and there will be no dye involved. A new pill that’s typically used to restore hair color for cancer patients, Gleevec, may be manipulated soon to prevent gray hair from ever making its way to your roots. 


3. Laser Hair Removal at Home?

No more waxing, shaving, or even sugaring. Not when you can self-laser at home and skip those expensive spa packages. The devices for at home laser hair removal are currently making their way on the market.



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