4 Ways to Revive Cracked Cuticles

Don’t cover your hands in fear of revealing embarrassing dry and cracked cuticles. With the weather changing into winter and the harsh realities of dry air and lots of hand washing to prevent germs, dry hands are a given. Fight back with four ways to care for your hands and give your cuticles some TLC for gorgeous hands you won’t hesitate to show off.

1. Ready for the Jelly – Lather you hands daily with a thick, moisturizing solution like Carol’s Daughter Body Jelly. A petroleum-free solution that compares to Vaseline, you’ll seal in much needed moisture. Use daily until the cracking has ceased.

2. Cut Down on the Water Works – Washing your hands excessively can spell disaster for your cuticles. Water naturally strips moisture from our skin so it’s important to replenish what was taken away. Use moisturizing soaps and follow up with a hand cream like Nourishea’s Mango Shea Butter Creme.

3. Facial Fierceness – Give your cuticles a little extra loving by creating an exfoliating facial just for your hands. Mix together sea salt and olive oil to remove dead skin from your hands and cuticles. Then follow up with an emu oil or coconut oil to lock in moisture. Do this routine at least once weekly for super soft hands and hydrated cuticles.

4. Night Time Miracles – Let bed time be for getting sexy. Apply a few drops of olive oil at night to damaged cuticles and wear manicure gloves for moisture that penetrates over night. Wake up to fresh and hydrated cuticles daily.

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