4 youthful tips to try: Is your hair giving your age away?

From anti-aging eye cream to wrinkle-busting botox, we’re awash in ways to make our skin appear more youthful, but are we forgetting about our hair? Sadly, if looking younger is at the top of you to-do list, you might want to revisit your colorist. It seems your color of choice could be adding insult to the injury that father time will inevitably inflict on your skin.

When it comes to looking younger, choosing a lighter hair color will soften the look of fine lines, wrinkles and any dullness associated with age, making you appear more youthful. Dark hair, while obviously more dramatic, tends to look harsh against the skin and puts a spotlight on anything you might prefer to hide.

Adding warm highlights around your face or choosing a warmer base tone can also help hide the signs of aging. Asking your colorist about the effect of golden or honey tones against your skin and together you can choose a shade that best complements your complexion and softens the focus on fine lines.

Shine = youth, so don’t forget to keep your hair healthy and shiny with a weekly hair mask and a healthy lifestyle. A visit to your salon for a gloss treatment can also help amplify shine, keeping your color vibrant and helping to hide any signs of aging on your face.

And finally — and most obvious — don’t let your roots get the best of you. A touch up every four weeks will help hide any grays that draw attention away from your hair color and can put the spotlight directly on fine lines and wrinkles.

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