Four Must-Try Manicures: Drama Is Back

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 9:07 am
  • October 26, 2010

Drama queen’s everywhere must be rejoicing at the resurgence of over-the-top fashion and make-up made accessibly wearable by the Daphne Guiness’ and Lady Gaga’s of the world.  And with the costumiest of holidays just around the corner, it seems only appropriate to address another great and showy trend that’s painting it’s way onto fingertips everywhere and is sure to be a full-fashion-force come Spring 2011:  The daring statement manicure.

Here are four, must-try mani’s for Spring 2011 – and now:

Metallic Gunmetal Gray and Metallic Plum polishes

1.) Hot on the heels of the gray polish trend we here at PoshBeauty.com covered a while back, the metallic finish on polishes range from hardware tones, like gunmetal gray, silver and gold, to positively radiant rich colors, like the metallic plum shown above.  A true attention getter, especially if you talk with your hands like I do.

Moon Manicure

2.) Another dramatic manicure to try isn’t as modern as one would think.  The moon manicure was first made popular on flappers and starlets of the 1920′s, but what’s old is so often new again, and the moon manicure is a perfectly pretty case in point.  Either multi-colored or a simple single shade this is beautiful statement look for your fingertips – as witnessed on several New York Fashion Week runways (most notably at Ruffian 2011 Spring Collect - above right).

Pop Art Graphic Manicures

3.) For a more modern and light-hearted look, try the pop art graphic manicures displayed on the runways of such free-spirited luminaries as Betsey Johnson and Alice and Olivia.  Think eye-popping pastels and graphic lines – this manicure is definitely more for the fun-loving and certainly not for the faint of heart.

Neutral Color Study

4.) Another homage to modern art, the neutral color study trend takes this years neutral polish and spices it up with bold color lines and contrasting tips.  More subtle than the Pop Art graphics above, but equally attention getting – the best of both worlds.

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