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Alexa Chung collaborates with AG Jeans on

There are some “it” girls who stick to the consuming side of fashion, but we can’t think of single muse more perfectly poised (and impossibly anticipated) to tackle the creating side than the design darling, Alexa Chung. In her scant 31 years she’s managed to play model, muse, author, and tv personality, making way for what’s likely to be a seamless transition to collaborative partner with AG Jeans, and while this isn’t her first foray into the capsule collection game, it just might be our favorite.

The chic trend revivalist and street-scene icon brings her retro-inspired personal style to a 20-piece capsule collection that has us pining for this year’s music festival season — think denim dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans with a decidedly late 60′s, early 70′s aesthetic. Straight from the Brit beauty’s mouth, The Telegraph reports that “[t]he collection is inherently the missing pieces of my dream denim wardrobe.” The lookbook features Chung herself, all decked out what are sure to be some of your favorite go-to pieces for spring and beyond. AG has confirmed that the collection, which will officially launch on January 15, will be priced between $70 and $300. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our favorite looks from the pairing.


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Next best denim staples for fall

This fall’s denim trend is going beyond the arsenal of jeans (skinny, boyfriend, aged, etc…) and chambray button ups you’ve got on speed dial. The next best looks for denim are bold, blue and aching with retro-chic appeal.

Touching on the summer’s sweat pants as stylish staple, slouchy, loose-fitting denim trousers and denim joggers are a cool fall style for those looking to nail the urban-meets-casual vibe.

Denim skirts get the ultimate re-do for fall ’14, appearing in every shape and silhouette — from micro mini to midi to full-length frayed. A-line and neat is my personal pick, but pairing any one of these beauties with a midriff tied button up or a sexy leotard is a great transition from summer to fall.

If you poo-pooed the idea of body-shaping denim, this fall’s figure flattering jeans may have you singing a different tune. With brands like J Brand and Joe Jeans jumping on this smoothing and lifting band wagon, body-countouring skinny jeans are poised to be your next best friend.

Straight out of the 70′s comes the patches and pockets trend primed to make your saggy boyfriend jeans look even more loved. Paired with a loose fitting tee and point-toe pumps, your patches can play color counter to your lipstick too.

And finally, the one trend you may have been living under a rock to not recognize — Mom jeans. You know, those high waisted little numbers that bring ultimate style value when paired with a super sexy midriff? You know you love ‘em and this fall, they’re perfectly on trend.




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Summer’s best nail polish hues

Isn’t it time we paid some well deserved attention to our woe-fully under attended to digits? Bikini season is likely to have inspired a lot of outdoor (and indoor gym) activity, but that’s no reason to skip trying out summer’s trendiest new nail polish hues. Say so long to yesterday’s pastel craze and swipe on something flashier – think a bold purple, grass green or sunshine yellow – or stick with something to accompany the current make-up free runway look. Or mix it up with a sparkly or matte top coat for a little extra flash. There’s no need for intricate nail art when the trendiest nail colors and textures do just fine when it comes to garnering attention.  Here are our favorites!

Barely hued neutrals: Once dominated by ballet-slipper pink, neutral nail polish has come a long way. This summer’s best barely there looks are so devoid of color that they’re nearly white.

Neon nail polish: Whether you splash on hot pink, go-light green or cautionary yellow, neon polish is a great way to add a flash of fun to your summer staples.

Purple polish: On the heels of Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, we’re hardly surprised that purple nail polishes — both sparkly and flat — are painted onto the hands of the style set.

Textured top coat: Whether matte is your thing, or razzle-dazzle sparkle, turn the tables on any manicure with a simple swipe of a texturized topcoat.

Teal polish: Straight out of your best beach fantasy, teal polishes are the height of haute this summer.



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Food Fight: Crazy for Coconut Oil

From the kitchen straight to your bathroom cosmetics cabinet, we’re spending Earth Day celebrating the merits of something you’ve likely got squirreled away in the pantry already: coconut oil. A fashion mag and beauty blog favorite, the benefits of coconut oil aren’t exactly a secret, but did you know that coconut oil makes a great ec0-friendly replacement for a number of pricey beauty products like face scrub, shaving cream, moisturizer and teeth whitener? Go green while saving some green ($$$-cha-ching!)

The health benefits of ingesting coconut oil are seemingly endless, it has antibacterial properties, it gives you energy without a sugar crash, and it’s a healthy replacement for butter and olive oil (which has a low smoke point and becomes toxic when burnt), but did you know that it’s also great for your hair and scalp? Heat up a few tablespoons of coconut oil, comb into your hair and leave on for an hour—or cover with a shower cap and sleep on it—follow up with a morning shampoo and you’ll notice a significant reduction in frizz and a happily moisturized scalp. The same goes for your skin. Scooping out and slathering on some coconut oil after a hot shower and you’ll eradicate dry skin in a snap.

Coconut oil can also make a great replacement for your body or face scrub. Simply add some sugar or salt with a tablespoon or so of coconut oil and gently exfoliate away that dreaded top layer of dead skin cells. While you’re at it, smoothing some oil on your legs before shaving can prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn, not to mention some seriously hydrated get-away sticks.

If you’ve been guilty of over plucking your eyebrows, there are rumors that coconut oil can help eyebrow regrowth. Simply smooth a little over your brows before bed—nourished skin encourages hair growth. It also makes a great eye make-up remover that has the added benefit of moisturizing your delicate eye area.

Mix six tablespoons of coconut oil with six tablespoons baking soda and add 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Used instead of toothpaste, this concoction can single-handedly stop most of the common causes of tooth decay and is rumored to whiten teeth.

Convinced yet? We are!




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Keratin: Your Answer To Straight, Shiny Hair

As your rifling through the recent ad campaigns of Missoni, Prada, Versace, Valentino, Gucci, and Givenchy, you’ll notice that stick straight hair is a thing for spring. So in the spirit of sweet emulation, let’s review the merits of keratin treatments without all the formaldehyde fear-mongering.

Today’s keratin treatments are a whole new ball game from the big backlash to the Brazilian Blowout in ’09. In fact, there are many formulas that actually are formaldehyde free. Of the ones that aren’t, the level of formaldehyde produced during the treatment is relatively low and safe.

Here’s how it works: Your hair is made of keratin, so in order to smooth out the surface of your hair follicles, more keratin is applied with a heat process until it sticks, making hair shinier, helping to prevent breakage, and even releasing curls and waves. And if the later isn’t your thing, keratin treatments comes in formulations that vary according to the result you want. Curly, but with less frizz? They can do that. Nary a wave and shinier than gold? They can do that too. The trick is finding a stylist who offers a wide variety of keratin formulations and is seasoned in the process.

During the process, your stylist combs the keratin formula into your hair, leaves it on to fully coat the strands, and then flat irons your hair to seal it in. Today’s formula’s don’t require yesterday’s 72 hour wait to wash policy, but be sure to ask, just in case. Then it’s up to you. If you want the results to last, you can switch to a sulfate-free shampoo—most cleansers that sud will likely strip your hair of the keratin you just applied—and staying away from chlorine and salt water is likely a good idea too.

Keratin treatments are still fairly pricey— as in between $200 – $600 a pop. But if you’re pining for the frizz free hair of your dreams and can deal with the fact that keratin does eventually rinse out—most treatments last between 8 weeks to 6 months—then this just might be the answer.


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Hair Gets Greasy For F/W 14

3.1 Phillip Lim

Natural nails or bold, intricate nail art? A dark matte red lip or nude gloss? There are times when we wish the fashion world would just make up its mind, and then there are times when we say *Yippee! for the full palette of of-the-moment options. Fall ’14 seems to be the later.

Rag & Bone

Hair on the recent Fall ’14 runways seems to be a horse of a different color when compared to the shiny, flat-ironed locks in the ad campaigns of Miu Miu, Missoni, Versace, Gucci & Prada. Phillip Lim 3.1, Rag & Bone, and Thakoon all styled their models with decidedly unkempt looks that were continually referenced as “easy,” “sweaty,” and “cool.”


Stylist Odile Gilbert described Thakoon F/W 14 hair as “…a girl who went to the gym, so she’s sweaty in the front and kind of fluffy in the back. It’s really about the gesture of pushing it back, away from the face.” And while we prefer Rag & Bone’s description of “Saturday hair” far better than “sweaty” (which, btw, was also a buzzword for 3.1 Phillip Lim’s stylist Paul Hanlon), it’s clear that the look is about to catch on.

So put away those flat irons and dry shampoos and let your grease flag fly! Or don’t. It seems Fall ’14 will be about personal preference (and maintenance - obvs).

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2014 Trends: A Stick Straight Spring

Elizabeth Olsen for Miu Miu

From Lady Gaga for Versace to Elizabeth Olsen for Miu Miu (and nearly every other haute couture ad campaign in between) — we’re going to call Spring 2014 the season of stick straight hair.

So far 10 of this Spring’s designer ad campaigns have doled out a bevy of beauties sporting shiny, long, and seriously straight hair. Valentino, Givenchy, Gucci, Prada, Missoni — the heavy hitters are heavily into slick, simple styles that aren’t so simple to pull off without a natural heady of silky straight strands.

It seems that spring is going to be rife with flyaway sprays, flat irons, and blow dryers and stock up on the deep conditioners! Here’s our evidence!

Christy Turlington for Missoni

Lady Gaga for Versace



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How To Get A Perfect Red Pout

There’s little doubt that a bold lip is the current accessory du jour — especially for that flurry of pre- and post-holiday social events.  But simply slicking it on straight from the tube isn’t the best way to keep the look through dinner.  So here’s today’s tips to ensure that your gorgeous red lipstick stays put.

Dry, flaky lips are a hazard of the season, and your elegant matte textured lipstick will only serve to emphasize the malady.  Exfoliation is the answer to pulling off a heavily painted lip.  Try using a lip scrub, washcloth, or even a soft toothbrush to buff away any dry skin 2 or 3 times a week to keep your lips flake free.

Ensure that your lips stay nice and soft by applying a lip balm immediately after exfoliation.  Give your balm time to moisturize your lip by leaving a thick layer of it on while you’re applying the rest of your makeup.

The most important step towards long-lasting color is properly applying a lip liner.  Blot your lips of any excess lip balm and then line your lip lightly with the same shade as your lipstick.  Continue to fill your entire lip area with the liner to give your lipstick a nice solid base to adhere to.

Next, go over your entire lip using a lip brush coated with your chosen lipstick.  Using a lip brush will ensure both accuracy and a nice solid finish.

To really set your color (and to turn any lipstick into a matte finish,) set your lipstick with a light dusting of translucent powder using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll find your bold red pout with be picture and party perfect through dinner, drinks, and beyond.

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Tips: Stave Off Summer Split Ends

Between the sun, the surf, and summer’s up-do-mania, your hair is probably in less-than-luscious condition.  Yes, we’re talking about your ends — your split ends.

The number one thing clients complain to their stylist about is the dreaded-split end, and it’s likely due to the fact that we all get them.

Allure magazine broke down the logistics of the split end with Chicago stylist Amy Abramite, who explained, “Split ends occur when the protective outer layer of the hair cuticle wears away because of external stressors, such as heat styling and salon chemical services. Once the internal structure of the hair is exposed, it becomes weakened, dehydrated and damaged, causing split ends.”

But who has the time to rush to the nearest salon for a quick snip when there’s so much summer fun to be had? Certainly not us. So here are a few ways to prevent split ends and also hide the ones you have.

1. Take a wide-tooth comb to wet hair to avoid breakage. Tangles happen, but ripping your brush through freshly towel-dried hair is a sure way to damage your locks outer protective layer.

2. Leave-in conditioner is your friend. Using a leave-in conditioning product will give your hair the extra protection is needs as you style it. A quick post-towel-dried application, and you’re good to go.

3. If you simply cannot break up with your hair dryer — it’s best to get a good one. Many bargain-priced blow-dryer’s will overheat with time, which will burn your poor ends to splitsville. Also, always direct the flow of the hot air by using a nozzle on your dryer, and dry in sections, pointing the air downward.

4. Chemical services (hair color, highlights, straightening, and perms) cause trauma to your hair that leads to split ends, and doubling up on services at one time does double the damage — you do the math. Try sticking to one service per salon visit and refrain from washing or manhandling your hair for 48 hours afterwards.

5. The one service you don’t want to skimp on is a haircut. Be sure to cut or trim your strands every six to eight weeks. Waiting longer gives the split ends time to travel up the hair shaft making the damage even worse.

6. Load up on folic acid and biotin. Folic acid (leafy greens, oranges, soybeans, wheat) is a big one for helping the body produce red blood cells to power hair growth, while biotin (brown rice, peas, walnuts, lentils) strengthens the hair and nails by metabolizing fats, carbs and proteins. The two B vitamins have been shown to supplement hair health, length, and thickness.

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Spring 2013 Trend: Crimped Hair

Betsey Johnson Spring 2013

Retro-licious has been a thing for nearly as long as we here at Posh Beauty can remember — and since the 80′s and 90′s is now considered “retro,” it seems it’s time to revisit a look we thought we had left behind in junior high — crimped hair.

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2013

Long gone are the days of stick straight do’s — now it’s all beachy waves, tossled locks and choppy layers… and let’s add to that crimped.  We saw the trend listed not once, not twice, but three times by critics lately… and after seeing it on runway after runway (think Betsey Johnson, Thakoon, and Monique Lhuillier) at New York Fashion Week, we can, with a fair amount of certainty, call it a trend.

Chris Benz Spring 2013

So let us know what you think.  Will you be sporting a crimped look come Fall 2012 or Spring 2013?

Thakoon Spring 2013

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