A Beauty of A Blush

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 6:57 pm
  • March 9, 2012

If you’re anything like my friends and I, we’re always on the lookout for the perfect blush. Inevitably my cosmetics case is filled with strikingly similar shades of peachy/pink cream sticks that are too oily or sink into the skin without a trace, and powdery dry compacts that sit atop my skin garishly – both disappointing in their promises of a nice healthy glow.

Bare Mineral's Ready Blush

So imagine my joy when it was announced this morning that Bare Mineral‘s had created a mash-up of the two! Their new Ready Blush is said to “bridges the gap.” with a formula that’s chock full of antioxidants and cold-pressed camellia oil (a noncomedogenic plant-based oil to hydrate and replenish dull skin.) This new invention is an easily blendable blush, with the long sought after smooth and non-drying feel. Oh… and did we mention this last-all-day look is also free of parabens, sulfates and synthetic fragrances and dyes? So even the more-sensitive complexions can have that fresh, rosy glow! Ready Blush comes in ten pretty shades, all the way from a peachy ‘Aphrodisiac’ to a poppy pink ‘Faux Pas’ whose “subtle shimmer” is more of a “glow.”

Just in time for the weekend!

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