A brown eyeshadow palette perfect for fall

With all of summer’s talk of brightly hued shadows and liners, I’m afraid we’ve neglected the one makeup staple that should be nested in every gal’s cosmetics case — brown eyeshadow. From tan to beige, milk chocolate to coffee, brown eyeshadow is a many-splendored thing and so perfectly versatile that there is a shade to fit nearly everyone and flatter most eye colors.

For example, brown eyes are a perfect pairing for brown shadows. Darker hues make for particularly doe-ish doe eyes, and a tan with peachy undertones plays double duty complimenting eye color and skin tone.

Play up the green, gray and brown elements in hazel eyes with gentle peachy-hued browns, and gold and rust hues, and remember to add a little shimmer mid-lid to really bring out the jewel tones.

Green eyed gals can benefit from a variety of brown variations from cool to warm. Shadows that have a rust-colored tint are especially flattering for emerald peepers, and dark hued browns applied close to the lash line are a particularly dazzling stand-in for liner.

Since blue eyes have a naturally cool undertone, brown shadows in warmer shades can really make their baby blues shine. Opt for grayish-browns, and metallic coppers and bronzes to really pop.


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