A color guide for summer highlights

Summertime is just around the bend (a.k.a. holiday weekend) which brings to mind that one little beauty to-do we’d forgotten about: lightening your locks. Nothing says beachside beauty better than sun kissed strands, so let’s review the how-tos of black, brown, reds and blondes and soothe the angst typically associated with hair coloring (and the remorse when it goes awry.)

Ladies with black hair should shy away from highlights that are too drastically different than their natural hue. A few strategically placed dark brown strands will provide the necessary sun-kissed appeal and brighten your complexion too!

Dark brown haired gals can really benefit from a subtle ombre that fades more naturally towards the ends, or some simple highlights a few shades lighter than your natural color. For a more striking change, try adding a hint of red to brown locks.

Light brown hair looks radiant with golden highlights woven in, giving the effect of having spent weeks poolside.

Dress up red tresses with a few strategically placed rose gold highlights. Another great way to add a little edge to red hair is to do a golden ombre by lightening the ends while leaving your roots their natural strawberry shade. The same is true for dirty blond hair, with a slightly more subtle effect.

Golden-blond haired gals can try an even lighter all-around color update, while a naturally light blonde hair color can benefit from a glossing treatment.


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