A Comfortable Fashion Tip: How to Dress Up Sweat Pants


One trend that the gentlemen can all love this year is the dressed up sweatpant. How often does fashion get this comfortable? They usually say that it hurts to look good… So, while you have the chance to be fashion forward and comfortable, take advantage of the opportunity.

The dressed up sweat pant should not necessarily replace your suit pants, but you should be able to find  sweats with a lower rise,  a more flattering shape, and that isn’t bulky around the ankles. This is a perfect look for the trendy man to run errands, or head to the gym and still look pulled together.

The pair here is a  higher end model, available at Fred Segal ($425).  If paying this much for sweats is not an option, you may find similar looks at Zara or H&M for a much more reasonable price. Dress it up with your favorite sneaker or your winter boot, and you will be sure to look like a million bucks. Remember, With a nice pair of shoes and a fashionable jacket, one can can always look like he walked off the pages of GQ magazine.

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