• by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 5:48 pm
  • April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton in Sarah Burton

The over-kill media blitz that surrounded the question of who would design the brides dress for those royal nuptials is finally over. And the critics are pleased – well most of them anyways.

The identity of the designer was kept under tight guard during the lead-up to the wedding, with many names being tossed around, but Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen was the winner (yep, she who earlier denied that she would be the one!)

The dress itself, while not exactly boundary breaking, was a traditional long-trained gown of lace and satin with a simple veil – completely appropriate for the solemnity of Westminster Abbey, without over-shining the brides natural beauty. And, as The Daily Beast’s Robin Givhan noted, “t put a giddy smile on the young prince’s face … what more can one expect or hope for a wedding dress to do?” She continues, “The gown wasn’t one of a woman aspiring to be a fashion icon, but rather one who was supremely secure in her sense of self.”

Kate Middleton’s decision to go with Burton was met with a bevy of fashion heavy raves. In a fit of alliteration, the Telegraph’s Hilary Alexander pronounced the bridal wear to be: “Fabulous, fashionable and fairytale, the dress was fit for a queen-to-be and combined the style of a modern princess with that of a 20th Century princess.” While Vogue stated that the dress was “technically faultless in its scale and construction,” and “allowed the bride to move with ease, carrying all the weight of British history and expectation without the slightest wrinkle or hitch.” The dress was also said to resemble other famed royal bridal wear, such as the wedding day dress worn by Grace Kelly and Queen Elizabeth II.

We here at PoshBeauty.com send warm congratulations to the happy couple! Did you watch it? Let us know what you thought!

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