• by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 6:50 am
  • May 9, 2011

With the weekend weather (yes, even in Los Angeles) playing at gray and dreary, Nars’ couldn’t have picked a better time to launch it’s new limited edition collection, aptly called “Laguna: Portrait of Paradise.”

Now close your eyes and think of powder sand beaches and a warm sea breeze. The collection took its’ inspiration from Motu Tane, a private island owned by Nars’ creator Francois Nars’ somewhere near Bora Bora. So even if you can’t quite pony up the $230,000 per week rental fee, at least you can slather yourself in the gorgeous island-beauty cosmetics it’s spawned.

The collection consists of a Laguna body illuminator (yes… the body accompaniment to the popular Laguna face illuminator) created to reflect light while giving you a golden bronze-y glow (bonus: this beauty smells of tropical flowers), and the Laguna Multiple stick – darker for summer and flecked with gold to give you the perfect summer sun-kissed side-kick.

Nars enthusiasts won’t fail to recognize that this three piece collection takes some liberties with Nars classics, specifically with it’s Blush/Bronzer Trio which contains the coveted and well-loved Orgasm blush (accompanied by Albatross Highlighting blush powder and Laguna bronzing powder.) But hey, with a pedigree like that… who’s complaining?

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