A users guide for wearing high heels

Today’s tip is a sole saver because — admit it — your feet are tired. Your little black dress and the accompanying heels have likely seen a lot of wear this holiday season, and with New Year’s Eve closing in your barking dogs won’t be getting a break anytime soon. We’ve never been converts of the “beauty is pain” mentality, so let’s review a few ways to sport your highest heels without the pesky blisters, arch pain and back break.

1. The first and best tip is posture, posture, posture. You’re not going for a leisurely stroll in your sneakers when you slip on those Louboutins, so quit walking like you are. The correct way to walk in heels requires keeping you head and spine straight like you’re being pulled from a string on the top of your head. Use your hips to shift and lift your legs to the center with each step – almost like you’re lightly bouncing. Changing your gait will help adjust your center of gravity and can help ease the pain of those stilettos.

2. Insoles are your friend. Slipping a gel insole into your heel is a great way to help keep pressure off your foot while sporting your favorite d’Orsay, and they’re equally great for keeping your toes from scrunching by holding the ball of your foot in place and helping to prevent blisters too. And since they’re so easy to swap in and out of your shoes, they’ll multi-task for until you have to replace them (about every 6-months.)

3. A lesser known fix is to shave the heel on your favorite stiletto down a bit. *Gasp!* I know. I know. But if you’re willing to sacrifice a little height, then having a shoe repair shop slightly shave the heel down can make a big difference for the arches of your feet for typically a small price tag (about $15.) NOTE: A good shoe repair shop won’t remove more than an inch so as not to disrupt the shoe’s arched construction.

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