A Womanly ‘Suited Up’ Meghan Markle: Getting That Rachel Zane Stunning Look

  • by Amy-Louise Tracey
  • posted at 5:28 pm
  • August 6, 2013

Rachel Zane had got us all glued to SUITS, even since her first appearance in the pilot episode. Played by Meghan Markle, the brunette beauty has flawlessly flaunted her looks, either with or without makeup. If you’ve been envious of her ‘hundred dollar’ hair since the first episode, you’re in luck, as we are going to provide you a detailed view into how Rachel Zane manages to get that stunning corporate look.

It’s All About the Hair and the Eyes

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the Rachel Zane look, and if you want to achieve her style and brunette vibe, fashion and make up experts can transform you from a plain and simple Jane to a hot and feisty femme fatale like her. Apart from acquiring her stunning tresses, it’s best to click here and choose the right accessories to help you achieve that “Zane” fashion statement.

Meghan Markle also shared some of her quick eye makeup tips and tricks right below:

1. Lightly apply a nude matte tone matched to your own skin. You may use Caleche (or for those with fairer skin, you may apply Sandollar) and dab it on the entire eyelid.

2. Using a brush, apply a glistening, warm skin tone eyeshadow like from Boudoir and spread it to the lower half of the eyelid; starting from lashline to crease. Remember to smear it all the way in toward the tear duct.

3. Sweep a pure, red-based brown eyeshadow using an eyeshadow brush. Brush it gently.

4. Select a darker smokey tone eyeshadow. Smear this to the outer corner part of the eyelids. Daub it completely as to overlap the other colors you’ve applied. This would give a pretty smoky effect.You can do this also with a dry brush.

You can watch this youtube video for more makeup application details.



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