Add A Pop Of Color To Make Summer’s Workwear Shine

A closet full of office-friendly neutrals is hardly the thing for spring/summer.  So what’s a gal to do when looking 9-5 professional is putting a kink in summer’s fun?  Add some color.  Yes, ladies, it is indeed possible to add a burst of 2013′s hot hues while still maintaining your ready-for-work visage.  So give those tired black blazers, white shirts and sensible shoes a break and adhere to our top summer tips for spicing up your workday wear with the season’s bright and bold palette.  Here are a few easy-to-add pieces to give your day-to-day look a little more sizzle.

1.  Summer is a perfect time to rock a bold-hued pair of work pants or skirt without looking like Bozo the Clown.  And with designers parsing out a variety of takes on the dress slacks — all dolled up in summer’s brightest blues, yellows and reds — it’s easy to snap up a pair pronto.

2.  If your not quite ready to go full-bore in the bold trouser/skirt department, toting a hard-candy-colored arm piece — in the shape of a brightly hued handbag — is a great way to incorporate the season’s happier palette.

3.  Summer sandals and flats are afoot, and full of color.  Why not pair a brightly hued pair with a fitted office pant and short sleeve tee combo (add a crisp summer blazer if you must) and make an appropo office-chic statement?

4.  A bright pink lip, or orange red mani-pedi are also perfectly appropriate office looks that add just a hint of pop to that drab work-wear.

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