Alexa Chung’s Madewell Launch

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 4:14 pm
  • August 23, 2011

Alexa Chung for Madewell

Fashion “It” girl, Alexa Chung unveiled the anticipated presentation of her 2011 fall Madewell line yesterday, inspired by “the girls in the band.” What exactly does that mean? My thoughts exactly.

Think T-shirts (with drawings from the ex-MTV fashionista), skinny polka-dot trimmed cuffed pants, loose blouses, socks with sandals and boyfriend blazers.

On the topic of onlookers questioning the addition of velvet shorts in this fall collection, Chung admits, “A lot of the collection is based on girls in bands, or girls standing side of stage. I felt like they’d be on tour so they wouldn’t mind getting cold,” Alexa explained. “I just really liked them so I just made them. I guess they’re not the most practical thing, but if you wear tights with them like I’m wearing them today … ” Um. Okay.

While her answers don’t exactly have that air of thought-out confidence, Alexa was said to be very involved with the design process, which apparently means that she did some of the sketching herself. “I was doing the live show every day so I kind of went in a few times after work and I took them in sketches that I’d drawn.”

So the question remains, will Chung stick around to take advantage of her opportunities in the fashion world or remain in TV land? “This is a question everyone keeps asking me at the moment. I’m quite happy doing what I do now, which is, uh — this designing thing has been amazing. I know it’s annoying to straddle professions, but I find both stimulating and fun,” she told reporters. “And as long as TV still interests me I’d still like to make it. And it’s the same thing with fashion — it’s something I’ve increasingly become fond of.” Oh to have the worries of Ms. Chung.

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