Alexander Mcqueen’s Divided Fortune

The late and great Alexander Mcqueen definitely had an empire to be divided amongst his loved ones after his untimely departure from our realm. It seems he had a fortune of closer in range to $30 million dollars. His will went public this week and the breakdown was fairly unexpected. The majority of the funds ($27 million) went to his charity, Sarabande, and his wishes were for that money to go towards scholarships to his alma mater, Central St. Martin’s. His distant family, including nieces, nephews, and godson each received $100,000. Each of his 5 siblings received a little more than $400,000. The most surprising of it all was the amount he left to his dogs, who also received $400,000. I don’t know how the dogs could possibly need that much money to survive for not more than a 15 year life span, but who are we to judge. I do wonder if the family is spiteful about this though. The last of his money (about $165,000) was split between 4 charities including 2 animal charities and the London Buddhist Center. It’s a pretty telling when you find out how someone splits their fortune after their death isn’t it. I also find it interesting that a designer that has no problem using fur and leather in their work has such a deep desire to send so much money to animal charities… Makes me go hmmm…

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