American Apparel Supports or Exploits Teens?!

American Apparel has a tendency of ruffling feathers. From their racy, highly sexual, ads to their gender bending clothing, the conservatives are always up in arms with this trendy brand. I do have to admit that sometimes their ads surprise me, and some of the pics, I wouldn’t even be able to post on this site, for fear of offending some.

This latest debacle didn’t seem that bad to me though. American Apparel partnered with with the magazine¬†“Ey! Magateen” to create a t-shirt that siply says “Teenagers Do It Better.” I didn’t have any issues with this at first glance since I only read the story before seeing the pics, I didn’t understand what the hoopla was all about this time. That was, until I saw the magazine which has a slogan that apparently supports “the magnificent vitality, energy and power of young male adulthood.” Then looking at the new ads, some of which are very sexual, makes the case harder to defend. I still don’t find it personally offensive since the teens are I am sure of legal age, but I can easily see how people could find it offensive. What do you think? Has American Apparel gone too far again or are people making ¬†a bigger deal than necessary?

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