Amy Winehouse and Fred Perry Unveil Collaboration: Finally.

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 6:25 am
  • October 27, 2010

While I have nothing but praise and soul-shaking admiration for the musical talents of Ms. Amy Winehouse – my thoughts on her style are… um… sketchy… at best.  [FYI. I speak for myself here and not the rest of the gals at PoshBeauty.com.]

It’s not that I can’t appreciate the appeal of a kick-ass soul singer crooning away onstage costumed as a sexy 1950′s pin-up goes punk – I can.  Tattoos, tight-skirts and that trademark beehive create a definitive look for that definitive voice.  But don’t most rock-star/ designer collaborations tone it down, at least a touch, for mass wearability and consumption?

Not so for this 17-piece collection.  Announced last March with a few Perry/Winehouse sketches – this collection has taken nearly as long (well not really… we are STILL patiently waiting Ms. Winehouse) as it’s taken for her next album to drop.  But drop it has (the collection, we mean – officially this month) and here are a few peeks:

Amy Winehouse Models Fred Perry Collaboration's Sleeveless Shirt Dress

While the models on the website look a touch more traditionally Perry (think more conservative with less cleavage and tightness) the look is none-the-less a little too 50′s Greaser-chick for my taste.  Sure, sure… retro is in… but really?  Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of Perry staples including polo shirts, jackets and pencil skirts predominantly in pink and black.

Amy Winehouse in Short Pencil Skirt and Amy Bowling Shirt with Reversible Wide Leather Belt

Some of the looks have Winehouse looking like she might be working at the After School Bowling Alley/Soda Hop, which on the rock-star is fine complete with giant hoop earrings and a bevy of tattoos, but on a normal gal, might just look hokey.

Amy Winehouse in Argyle Longline Sweater

Not to be all gloom and doom, there are a few looks that are quite wearable and downright cute.  For instance, the Argyle Longline Sweater looks traditionally Perry in pattern and cut and, with the assistance of pants or a skirt, could take on the preppy-resurgence trend with aplomb.

Amy Winehouse in Cropped Trench Coat

I’m also a huge fan of the Cropped Trench Coat (and the pink sided leather wide belt proves to add a flirty feminine touch).  With it’s preppy fold-up collar and double breasted buttoning, this trench says “I’m a spy” in all the right ways.

All in all, for me, this launch is a little lack-luster.  Of course, I say this pining over a new album that, while promised years ago, has taken a back seat to this chanteuse’s many personal problems (which may have also added to the late bloom on this collection).

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