And Now For The Numbers: Vogue’s September Issue Weighs In

It’s fitting that the single most widely read, editorial issue of the year, the September issue of Vogue, is once again making news — and making numbers.

Vogue's Lady Gaga Covered September Issue

It makes sense, I mean, if you’re going to consistantly bedeck one magazine up per year with a heightened number of readers, a way heightened number of advertisements, and a way-waaay heightened number of pages — enough so that the month’s moniker becomes the subject and title for an award winning documentary — you really can’t expect a readers heightened… uh… expectation.

Naturally Vogue sets out to fulfill each and every one with a record-breaking whopper of a September issue that even has mail carriers in a tissy over the sheer weight and implausibility  of actually fitting it into a mailbox.  The Washington Post recently took a look at the actual numbers involved with Vogue’s September issue — and they are staggering.  Take for instance the 658 ad pages taking up marketing space on the issue’s 916 pages.  And then do the math.  At $165,000 per one-page ad, that’s a pretty penny for brands looking to garner the attention of the nearly 1.25 million circulation numbers — even if their was some “I’ll wash your hand if you’ll wash mind-ish business between Ms. Wintour’s famed tome and designers.”

It’s on stands now… so if you only buy one 1.2″ thick, 4.62 pound, Lady Gaga bedazzled fashion mag this you… you’re going to want to rush out get this one.

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