Andre 3000 to Play Jimi Hendrix???

Although this may not be completely fashion news… actually it’s a little bit tabloidy, but it does actually involve two really great style icons! It looks like Andre 3000 of the ever popular, and timeless band, Outkast, may be on call to play the iconic Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming independent biopic! Andre 3000 has probably been one of the biggest influences on urban fashion in the hip hop community and beyond for the past decade now. Look at the movie Idlewild- even though it may not have been a blockbuster smash hit, it definitely was creative and unique like everything he does. Of course Jimi Hendrix is undoubtedly known for his style, originality, and audacity to be his authentic self in a time when the odds were stacked against him. I feel like this may be the perfect fit. Plus they look pretty similar too! We will do our best keep you updated on the latest happenings!

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