Andrej Pejic’s Bra Campaign

If you don’t know who Andrej Pejic is you ought to. He’s androgynous male model that’s been fiercely beating many top models out of the lime light booking campaign ads as both a male and female model.

While it may be difficult to believe that this stunning model is indeed of male-origin what really blows your mind is the push-up bra covering his pectorials in a campaign for Hema’s “Mega Push-Up Bra,” which promises to make your boobs “2 cups extra.” It leaves us wondering if this bra can give us the same instant magic it gives a man. I’m convinced.

This gorgeous ad may be the first for a male model doing a lingerie campaign and certainly won’t be the first. This revolutionary story is a must see for all who will need a second look to see that Andrej works the product without the born-into parts.

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