Androgenous Model Covers Marc Jacobs Campaign

The fashion world has always been a place where gender lines are blurred, but it seems lately designers are going from over the top obvious gender-bending, to more subtle and sometimes unrecognizable deviations from the ideas of male and female.

Take this picture of Andrej Pejic as an example. After reading the fine print of the new Marc by Marc Jacobs ads breaking in February magazines, many fashion fans might be doing a double take. The new campaign features two blond models soaking up the sun while outdoor furniture. It appears as if both models are female, further inspection (and a listing of the models names) reveals that one of the mannequins is actually male. Pejic is an androgynous male model taking the fashion world by storm.

Over the past year, the 19-year-old Bosnian-born model has appeared in edgy editorials forFrench Vogue, Italian Vogue, i-D and Arena Homme, many of which portra him as a woman. While Pejic is relatively covered up and masculine in the new Marc Jacobs ad, in the aforementioned editorials, he’s often shot wearing makeup, women’s clothing and sometimes no clothing at all. He has also done mens’ collections as well with well known designers John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier and Raf Simons. 

Fashion is always a place where uncommon beauty is displayed and often times dictates the future of society’s general perceptions of beauty. Does this mean that the future is going to be a place where gender is a completely gray area?

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