Appreciation for the bold eye and lip combo

Today’s trend-watch is firmly fixed on the throwback craze the fashion and beauty world seems enamoured with — particularly in the makeup department.  From yesterday’s brushed up brow, to the red-carpet’s barrage of bright pink pouts — the 80’s – 90’s is having what they call “a moment.” And that moment features a heavily hued in the lip and eye department.

Once reserved as an either/or scenario, the current craze features heavily smoky or colored eyeshadow, liner, and mascara, in tandem with a heavily painted lip. If you need further proof you need only look as far as your fave celebrity’s recent photo ops, where you can peep Sandra Bullock pairing a smokey eye with a red lip, Jennifer Lawrence sporting a charcoal and purple eye with a matte watermelon-hued pout, and a new fashion fave, Lupita Nyong’o shimmering blue shadow with an orange red lip.

The trick is in the entirety of the look.  Pairing a full face of paint can look really fresh and of-the-moment when paired with something classic, simple, and tailored. The key to pulling it off is balance, your makeup can’t compete with your outfit and vice-versa.


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