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Must-Have Monday: Hummingbird-Healthy Hair! Beija Flor Naturals Crème Brûlée Moisturizer

The sky’s a peach, and hummingbirds chirp in the neighbor’s bottle brush tree. With the fresh February air in my face, I am on my way to the beach and loving my hair: today, just like every day this week, thanks to the Onyx Box, courtesy of WE ARE ONYX. Finally, a curated selection of high-quality products made just for me! As a mixed-race black woman, I’ve conducted a lifelong search for the best hair care. It’s refreshing to discover someone out there is thinking of me and how to make me look my natural best. The first time I tried Beija Flor Naturals Crème Brûlée Moisturizer for kinks and curls, I was complimented at my Hollywood yoga studio: “Girl, how did you get your curls so defined? Not that they weren’t before, but…wow!” I replied with joy, “Thanks for noticing, I got it from my Onyx Box!”

Like a gift of sound advice from a trusted friend, my Onyx Box was beautifully packaged, well-timed, and full of new ways to discover the truth of my natural beauty. As I opened the mod colorful, luxe logo’d box, broke the seal, and parted the deep pink tissue paper, I felt it was Christmas morning, Easter Sunday, and my twenty-first birthday all over again! There were so many great products, and all with a great story behind them.

Delali Kpodzo, CEO & Co-Founder of WEAREONYX.COM, says:

We created WEAREONYX to bring beauty discover and fun to Black Women! No more hunting for product because your staple product has been discontinued! Black beauty isn’t complicated and can never be “discontinued” so the WEAREONYX and the Onyxbox are your monthly portal to beauty.

Who wouldn’t want a monthly beauty boost to show up right on cue? With these strong black women making sultry strides in the beauty industry now, why not support them? The Beija Flor Naturals Crème Brulee Moisturizer has a superior, yet clean hold and yields a uniquely light, airy curl: it feels like wearing a delicious dessert on your head, with a distinct floral and vanilla fragrance. Like the hummingbird for which this product is named, nourish your hair with the finest in all-natural, healing ingredients. Moisturizing Brazilian botanical murumuru seed butter, shea butter, coconut oil, marshmallow root, and aloe vera are FDA-approved, plant-based, raw, vegan, and paraben-free. Get ready to turn heads with this true toilette treat!

Thanks Onyx Box, and thank you, Posh Beauty, for bringing me into your beauty tribe. I sport my well-defined curls with pride!


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