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New Religion: A Pontif Perfume? Carmelite Skin Cream?

Religion isn’t oftentimes linked with the beauty and cosmetics realm, but it seems piety is trending and the spiritual set is inspired to get into the game.

Pope Benedict XVI

First up to the fashion pulpit is the Pope. It seems the self-proclaimed “nose,” Silvana Casoli has added another famous name to his list of “celebrity” inspired scents (Antonio Bandaras, Madonna, Sting)… Pope Benedict XVI. The Italian perfumier received the commission from the Vatican itself and is keeping details under tight wraps per the Pope‘s request.

“I love speaking of my work,” said Casoli, “but this time I can’t. I am very devoted to the Holy Father.”

She did hint that the scent would be inspired by the pope’s love of “nature” and that she used a blend of fragrances from lime-wood, verbena and grass. And while the eau de cologne will reflect the Pope’s “love of forests and animals, as well as peace and tranquility,” it will not be available to the masses. The scent is strictly for Pope Benedict XVI himself.

Easamine Premiere Collection

No worries though, your beauty routine needn’t suffer without a spiritual touch. It seems a group of Carmelite monks from Massachusettes have launched an entrepreneurial line of skin care products for women.

Included in their Easamine Premiere Collection skincare range is a gel cleanser, an eye creme, night and day creams, cleanser, a toner, there’s even a product simply called “revitalizing”–all containing adenosine, which is a natural anti-inflammatory compound. The products are priced between $26 and $298 (for a 5-piece Premiere Collection set), and while they won’t save your soul, they’ll certainly do a little something to put you in the “Big Guys” good graces… all proceeds go to charity. Amen.

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Orla Keily Pairs With Uniqlo: Part Deux

Orla Keily x Uniqlo

It seems twice is just as nice! The fave first collaboration by Orla Keily and Uniqlo was so wildly successful that they’re doing it again, at the same affordable prices (A scarf for $12.90, t-shirt for $19.90… even a tunic dress for $39.90). Think super cute basics all dressed up in the UK-based Keily‘s geometric and colorfully vivid prints.

Keily recently spoke about the collaboration with the press, “”I was excited when [Uniqlo] came to us to suggest a collaboration. I really admire their philosophy and classic style but also their attention to good quality materials. The price is great and it definitely feels like the ‘less is more’ approach to styling which is very modern. I love the Japanese aesthetic and so it has been great collaborating with such a popular and cool brand.”

Keily‘s gorgeous prints have long been a fave of the UK celeb set–including the illustrious Kate Middleton, so you can imagine the goods will sell out quickly. Lucky magazine brings us the good news sans the launch date, which is still being kept under wraps… but what we do know is that the launch will be included in the Japanese brands new “go west” expansion with stores in San Francisco (and tenatively Los Angeles.)

Kate Middleton in Orla Keily Coat

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A Collection With A Conscious

Ah yes… April 10th. Today is officially TOMS “Day Without Shoes” where the eco-friendly footwear brand encourages everyone to go sans shoes to bring attention to the unsettling number of people without shoes, and it seems they’re not alone in today’s green/philanthropic thoughts.

H&M Conscious Collection

For H&M, it’s all about the marriage between eco-friendly, sustainability and workers rights. Enter H&M‘s earth-friendly Spring 2012 Conscious Collection set to land in stores this Thursday, April 12th.

H&M Conscious Collection

It seems the fast-fashion retailer H&M is also on the eco-train with the brand announcing today that it’s making a concerted effort to go green by broadening their use of organic fabrics and improving worker conditions around the world. Their calling it their H&M sustainability initiative, and led by Helena Helmersson, the brand dreams “to be percieved as a company who can offer all people in the world—even those without much money–the possibility to dress really well and sustainably.”

H&M Conscious Collection

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It’s Official: Simons To Take On Dior Post

Big, big news on the fashion front! There’s been mass speculation as to who would be taking over the helm at Dior since the departure of John Galliano. Galliano‘s right-hand man Bill Gaytten seemed the natural successor until his post-Galliano collection was met with a less-than-enthusiastic response. Since then the names have been flying fast and furious, including the official winner of the illustrious post: Raf Simons.

Raf Simons

Simons sudden departure from Jil Sanders, had the rumor mill spewing that he was “unceremoniously dumped.” But never-mind that, since he’ll now be taking over the coveted head-honcho spot at Christian Dior. The Times recently reported that we can expect the first Dior by Simon’s collection in July for the fall shows, with Simons claiming, “The first time I heard about the Dior position, I thought, ‘This feels right.’”

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Why Hello, there Kitty!

Kitty cosmetic lovers everywhere can now breathe a collective sigh of relief.  It seems makeup maven Sephora has decided to launch a collaboration with “it” feline Hello Kitty that’s as girly as the round-faced, bow-loving character itself.

Just yesterday, the cosmetics super-store launched the spring pairing with a super-femme tea party in NYC rife with confetti and confections. Starting in May, you can skip on into your fave Sephora and snap up the new limited edition Hello Kitty and Big Pink Bow collections, which include a palette of eight shadows ($36), a polka-dotted mirror compacy ($19), a bronzer (despite Kitty’s notable palor, $28), a girly ruffled makeup bag to keep it all in, and more. And if you’ve every imagined what Hello Kitty would smell like, wonder no more! This summer will also see the reveal of the second edition to it’s Big Pink Bow Fragrance line, which is less kitty-litter and more soft florals and fruits.

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Two Olympians Take CoverGirl Gold

With the 2012 summer Olympics just around the corner, I guess one could say that strong, sporty olympians are trending. And when something’s trending, it doesn’t take long for the beauty world to take note.

Jennifer Kessy (photo courtesy of People magazine)

Like CoverGirl cosmetics and their most recent CoverGirl faces… namely two staggering olympian beauties beach volleyball player Jennifer Kessy and boxer Marlen Esparza.

Esparza and Kessy, in addition to preparing for the London-hosted summer games have both been tapped as the newest addition to the CoverGirl model cue, promoting two new limited-edition products — LashBlast Volume Mascara and Outlast All-Day Lipcolor — in both print and TV ads starting this May.

Marlen Esparza (photo courtesy of People magazine)

“I have always dreamed of being a CoverGirl,” Kessy recently told People magazine, but “thought [she] was being punked” when the brand initially came a calling. “I remembered all the times I stared at the ads in the magazines, and remembered that CoverGirl always writes the names of the models in their ads. I couldn’t believe my name was going to be next to my picture in a magazine. Best feeling ever!”

And while you don’t often think of sports-enthusiasts as avid makeup wearers, both of these gals admit to wearing, simple makeup on the court and in the ring, with Esparza telling the celebrity mag, “I think if you look good you feel good, and if you feel good then you fight good. I think it will help people see me as a woman and not just a boxer, and also show that CoverGirl recognizes that everyone can symbolize beauty.” Amen.

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Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa for Macys!

Not to get all excited… but… OMG!!! Guess who’s jumping onto the couture capsule collection bandwagon?

Francisco Costa for Macys

Designer Francisco Costa, known for his high-end minimalism for Calvin Klein, is all set to design a capsule collection for neighborhood department store Macy’s — and the internet is all a flutter with the news. The line will be inspired by sultry southern Brazil, specifically its architecture and “the sunset on the horizon there”, all at an affordable Macy’s price.

So come May 15th we can expect to find crepe and jersey numbers retailing from $135 – $180 online and at 80 Macy’s stores nationwide. Alert the shopping frenzy… we’re pretty sure this launch is going to be a doozy.

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Urban Decay Puts The Power In Your Pretty Little Hands

Like a good choose-your-own-adventure book, Urban Decay has placed the decision-making power directly where it belongs… in our own pretty little hands!

Urban Decay Shadow Revamp Case

City chic beauty brand Urban Decay is following up it’s cult-hit release of Naked eyeshadow palettes 1 and 2 with a new build-your-own eyeshadow palette with which to fill with your favorite hues. The case comes with a brush and is pre-filled with a pinkish-peach new shade called Walk of Shame – and you do the rest. Choose from a staggering 68 Urban Decay shadow shades – all formulated for extra smooth and silky application – put those little suckers in your Urban Decay case and off you go!

Urban Decay Shadows

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H&M To Reveal Higher End Line

From affordable of-the-moment duds to affordable collaborations with couture designers… the key word of H&M stores and their mass appeal has always been: affordable. That’s all about to change.

Hennes & Mauritz (the illustrious H&M of the brand) is all set to launch a new, upscale retail chain. According to WWD, a rep from the company described the new concept as “similar to Hennes & Mauritz’s COS clothing line,” — think less trend-driven with an emphasis on fit and fabric.

The rep explained, “Like COS, which today is very successful with good profitability, the new chain of stores will be independent and complement the other offerings from the group.”

As COS is only available in Europe, Hennes & Mauritz have yet to announce whether the new goods will be available in the U.S., but if the rumor that H&M has applied for copyright protection of the super-generic name ‘& Other Stores’ in Sweden, we can speculate that it may be a while before we see these stores pop-up stateside.

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Sally Singer Gives Your Manicure the 3-D Treatment

T magazine editor, Sally Singer isn’t exactly known for her flirty, quirkiness… in fact… she’s oft thought of as downright serious — so when we discovered her co-designed 3-D nail art for Nowness — we were happily caught of guard.

Sally Singer Powdered Violet 3-D Nail Art

Nail art is all the rage now, from patterns to glitter to gold, so why not 3-D? Why not, indeed! Get a gander of Singer’s five feminine and decadent designs made in collaboration with NYC nail artist Maki Sakamoto.

Sally Singer Taxi Driver Seat 3-D Nail Art

Sally Singer Kate Middleton 3-D Nail Art

Sally Singer Mexican Sugar Skulls 3-D Nail Art

Sally Singer Celine Orange 3-D Nail Art

The appliques are aptly called Powdered Violet , Céline Orange, Mexican Sugar Skulls , Taxi Driver Seat, and Kate Middleton – titled in typical Singer style: fashion forward and culturally significant. And are we remiss in thinking sugary sweet cake decorations? We think not! In a word: delicious!

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