Azature Offers Up A $250,000 Nail Polish

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish

Would you spend $250,000 on nail polish?  The self-professed “king of black diamonds” Azature  thinks you might, and has unleashed via press release “the most expensive nail polish in the world” — strictly for those gals with an extra $250 G’s lying around.

Taking the “most expensive polish” title from a 2010 bottle of $130,000 Models Own Gold Rush Couture nail lacquer (24-carat gold, diamond-encrusted lid), Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish contains a staggering 267 carats of black diamonds mixed in with a black hue — for that “diamonds dripping off of her fingers” look.

Azature will only produce one bottle of the polish — ’cause, honestly, who can drop a quarter of a million clams on a manicure — but if you simply cannot live without it you can pick up a considerably less expensive bottle ($25) with only one black diamond in it.  Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish will be available starting this month at Fred Segal in LA.  And then happy hunting — you know you’re going to spend the next month searching for that one measly diamond.

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