Bapes Makes Duck Boots…

I am sure you all remember the sneaker brand BAPE. It had a major impact on those of us who love sneakers, but the phase fizzled out after a while as most extremely flashy brands do. Well here they are again coming back with a much more current design and something we would never expect from the bright colored, latex looking shoe line…  The latest offering from URSUS Bape is the URSUS Rain Boots that are the reincarnation of the classic duck boots. Attention to detail is the key element to these boots and design have not been compromised as both NIGO and TET, the creative force behind the brand, knows a thing or two about boots and its construction.

The duck boots are manufactured in Olive and Beige colors and both versions are accented by cream colored inner lining, stitching, rubber mud guard soles. Metallic black rings fasten the boots and there is a military inspired screen print on the outside in metallic gold. These are the perfect winter boot especially for all this snow that doesn’t seem to be letting up at all.

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