Battle Breakage with Top Products for Natural Hair

Is your hair stress out from over processing, styling or just plain old neglect? Don’t continue to suffer with the hair breakage blues. Whether you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural or rocking a press and flat-ironed do’ you can combat hair breakage and let your tresses flow. Check out a few tips for keeping your hair on your head and breakage at bay.

Carol’s Daughter

Give your mane a weekly beauty treat from start to finish by washing, conditioning and treating hair with Carol’s Daughter Monoi Collection that reinforces and strengthens curly and natural hair. Made with hydrating coconut oils and hibiscus extracts, your hair will be in for a healthy treat.

Deva Curl

If you’re stressing out your hair with heat styling tools and using that blow dryer and flat iron just a little too often, step away, drop your weapon and re-think your routine. Treat abused and confused hair with the Heaven in Hair deep treatment by Deva Curl to lock in moisture and bring life back to dull, dry and brittle hair.

Neero & Ana

Sometimes you don’t have to obsess over products or what you’re putting onto your hair as much as what you’re doing to keep everything in. If you’re sleeping with a cotton scarf of pillow case at night, you’re doing your hair a disservice. Cotton absorbs moisture which can spell bad news for your hair. Try Neero & Ana’s satin pillow case to keep moisture where it belongs… in your tresses.

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