Beats By Dr. Dre: the Latest Fashion Accessory

I have noticed over the past few months that on just about every NYC Subway ride I take, or block that I walk down, I cannot go 30 seconds without running into someone wearing these Beats by Dr. Dre headphones that the hip-hop star has helped to design and endorse. I see at least 3 to 5 people per train car wearing these headphones. It has somehow managed to spread like wildfire! I recently went into Best buy to look for new headphones and was even more surprised that they were upwards of $300! How is it that something so expensive has managed to become so popular so fast?! I feel like the last time I saw something spread so quickly was the Ipod or Iphone. I am utterly astounded by this trend, especially at the price point that they are and for an item that I never imagined spending over $50 for (and that was even a stretch to spend for headphones to me).  The associate at the best buy had me try the display pair and I was rather pleased with the headphones- Noise cancelling, amazing design (a little bulky for my taste), the beautiful and clean packaging, but I was still not convinced enough to buy the headphones, as I still do not see in spending this much money on something that comes free with my ipod.

In summary, If you want to be on trend and happen to have a spair $300 for a stylish pair of headphones, I definitely recommend giving them a try. I am usually a little behind when it comes to high-tech gadgets, and it usually takes someone gifting them to me for me to really understand the worth (wink wink), but I have a feeling the price will come down after this first wave, so maybe I will wait until then. I would love to hear feedback from people that have purchased them and truly believe they are worth the money!

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