Beauty for Your Soul?

  • by Maria Denardo
  • posted at 12:00 pm
  • October 29, 2010

Buddha Toothbrush Holder ($7.99), Looking Good For Jesus Bubble Bath ($11.99)

Imagine digging inside your purse for your lip balm and you see Jesus staring back at you. Ah! Think about stumbling into your bathroom and reaching for your toothbrush only to find Buddha sitting serenely on your sink. No, this is not a head trip. This is the newest craze hitting the stores–religious beauty products. They don’t heal you, per say, or perform miracles as far as we know. It seems their main purpose is to appeal to the spiritually inclined. Some might deem the idea blasphemous, others might say it’s a bit silly, while a few might think it’s downright holy. Would religious-themed packaging prevent you from purchasing or would the amusement be too great to pass up?

Within the last couple years Looking Good for Jesus, a beauty brand with a Christian slant, was banned from Singapore amid complaints of disrespect. Even with mixed reviews the line is still growing strong offering Looking Good for Jesus bubble bath, travel-sized sparkle cream, a miniature coin purse, and personal shopping tote. Is this going too far? Weigh in and let Posh Beauty know your thoughts.

Maria Denardo

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