Beauty Goes Green: L’Oreal’s New Zero Emissions Project

loreal zero emissions


Beauty giant L’Oreal’s Italian division is making good on their promise they announced in 2005 to reduce green house gases by half as early as 2015.

Four days ago they unleashed their plans “L’Oréal Italy: Zero Emissions,” which, according to Women’s Wear Daily, calls for zero CO2 emissions by the Settimo Torinese facility, the number-one in the L’Oréal Group by units produced, through the use of renewable sources only.

According to the news release on 4-traders.com

“The innovative technology of the concentrating solar panels, combined with the use of the biomass plant and district-heating network, will guarantee green energy for the plant without interruptions, even at night and on days without sunshine. In addition, independence from fossil fuels will allow the facility to plan its resources better and increase its productivity.

Overall, the positive environmental impact for the local community and area – quantifiable in terms of “atmospheric emissions avoided” – is equal to 7,800 fewer tonnes of CO2 each year.”

As a major leader in this industry we’re hoping that other major beauty brands will catch on to L’Oreal’s plan and adopt a Zero Emissions strategy for the sake of the beauty of our planet. After all, pollution isn’t fierce nor fabulous.

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