Bethenny Frankel Expands Skinnygirl Line With Lingerie Meets Shapewear

Skinnygirl Shapers

Teeny-tiny entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel is at it again, adding shapewear that looks like lingerie to her well-documented Skinnygirl brand. Think Spanx meets your favorite lingerie and you’ll have something like the right idea. The styles, according to Frankel are meant for “real women”. “It’s lingerie. You can wear it under a blazer or a cardigan and then take it off for a hot date or your husband.” Um. If any of you out there have attempted to stay sexy taking off any kind of shapers garment, you’ll see the problem here. 

Nevermind. The brand retails for under $50 a piece and is available at Macy’s. And to further reiterate the “real women” part, stop in at the brands Real Women campaign website to get a glimpse of Skinnygirl Shapers in action on a handful of the “real women” in Frankel’s life. No need for professional models here… all these ladies look terrific!

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