Betsey Johnson Readies for Comeback

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And you thought the gal was done! There’s no way on earth the eccentric designer would leave the world of fashion (and that quirkiness we love so much about her) after declaring bankruptcy and liquidating her assets (we scored a few of those 80 percent off digs like the rest of you). The 70 year old cartwheeling sensation hasn’t given up on continuing to stake her claim in the world of fashion. Instead of sobbing over the yester-years of her 63 stores which closed this year, Johnson is simply re-inventing and moving on to an open world of expansion and creativity.

The New York Times reports:

“Next month, with the retailer Steve Madden as her new parent company, she is introducing a lower-priced line of Betsey Johnson frocks at department stores. In the spring, she and her 37-year-old daughter, Lulu Johnson, will be starring in their own reality TV show. And, this summer, her third fragrance, Betseyfied, hits stores.”

The tumble towards bankruptcy can be blamed on a lot of factors including society’s propensity to cheap and fast fashions, the high unemployment rate and reduced spending or simply bad business. Whatever the case Johnson isn’t prepared to let the show end.

We’re looking forward to her next few ventures and addictive rebellious designs. Betsey: We continue to live for you…

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