Bieber Proves He’s Still Bankable

We posted recently on Justin Bieber covering Vanity Fair and how it was closest to the lowest sales that the magazine had ever had. Well it looks like maybe that was just a fluke or marketing to the wrong demographic, because Justin has definitely just proven himself to still be a sales powerhouse. It seems that his debut fragrance “Someday” is on the fast track to becoming the best selling fragrance of 2011 in just 3 weeks! There is even speculation that his fragrance could go down as one of the best selling celebrity launches in history. He has just proven that although the more mature demographic that reads magazines like Vanity Fair may not be interested in him at all, if he is marketed toward the younger market he can outsell them all. On top of it all he has put his name on a female scent, they created the perfect equation for hit fragrance. The buying power is in the kids!

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