Billie Holiday Plays Muse To Serge Lutens Latest Fragrance

Serge Luten's Latest Muse, Billie Holiday

“She was hurt in her life,” vice president of famed perfumer Serge Lutens said of it’s latest scents muse, Billie Holiday.  ”You can hear the voice of desperation.”

Inspired by the life of jazz legend Billie Holiday, Serge Lutens is set to unleash his latest scent Une Voixe Noire, a blend of tobacco, rum and the singer’s beloved white gardenia that she often wore in her hair.

“For Serge Lutens, the perfumes aren’t merchandise. It’s an art.” the VP of the brand went on to describe Lutens creative process.  ”He likes to ‘write’ the perfume.”  The photographer-turned-perfumer Lutens is notorious for favoring the romance of story over the details of mixing notes, and with the Une Voixe Noire, he seems to have hit the mark on something distinctly and beautifully Holiday.

You can expect to see Une Voixe Noire in stores sometime in October—and by “stores” we do imply that the sought-after scents are going to be available at a counter other than the brand’s namesake boutique.  That’s right, luxe retail giant Barney’s New York will also be carrying Lutens fragrances as well as a new e-commerce site (set to debut in October as well) where fans of the brand can not only purchase the scent, but can also read the stories behind the fragrances.

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