Black History Month Bandwagon: Glammin’ up the Game

Bloomingdale’s has hopped on the bandwagon with supporting Black History Month by selling the above bracelet “Ubuntu” which comes from the Zulu word “deeper understanding of humility”. It’s stylishly fierce and affordable ($15) which we love, and half of the proceeds from each bracelet sale will support the Orphan Bracelet Campaign. Yes for fashion and philanthropy!

The Orphan Bracelet Campaign helps to provide a living wage to women inĀ Africa (who handcraft each bracelet), as well as a child orphaned, due to HIV/AIDS, with food, education, and shelter.

Ubuntu Bracelets

Also, a noted highlight of the retailer, Bloomingdale’s has been hosting ethnic-centered events during Black History month to celebrate all ethnic backgrounds.

Get up on your fashion and charity game and order online or head into the store. The bracelet shine’s more with wear and you can add it to any ensemble taking your look from boardroom classy to boho-chic.

What other Black History Month initiatives have you been supporting?

Love and Beauty,


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