Must-Have Monday: Hummingbird-Healthy Hair! Beija Flor Naturals Crème Brûlée Moisturizer

The sky’s a peach, and hummingbirds chirp in the neighbor’s bottle brush tree. With the fresh February air in my face, I am on my way to the beach and loving my hair: today, just like every day this week, thanks to the Onyx Box, courtesy of WE ARE ONYX. Finally, a curated selection of high-quality products made just for me! As a mixed-race black woman, I’ve conducted a lifelong search for the best hair care. It’s refreshing to discover someone out there is thinking of me and how to make me look my natural best. The first time I tried Beija Flor Naturals Crème Brûlée Moisturizer for kinks and curls, I was complimented at my Hollywood yoga studio: “Girl, how did you get your curls so defined? Not that they weren’t before, but…wow!” I replied with joy, “Thanks for noticing, I got it from my Onyx Box!”

Like a gift of sound advice from a trusted friend, my Onyx Box was beautifully packaged, well-timed, and full of new ways to discover the truth of my natural beauty. As I opened the mod colorful, luxe logo’d box, broke the seal, and parted the deep pink tissue paper, I felt it was Christmas morning, Easter Sunday, and my twenty-first birthday all over again! There were so many great products, and all with a great story behind them.

Delali Kpodzo, CEO & Co-Founder of WEAREONYX.COM, says:

We created WEAREONYX to bring beauty discover and fun to Black Women! No more hunting for product because your staple product has been discontinued! Black beauty isn’t complicated and can never be “discontinued” so the WEAREONYX and the Onyxbox are your monthly portal to beauty.

Who wouldn’t want a monthly beauty boost to show up right on cue? With these strong black women making sultry strides in the beauty industry now, why not support them? The Beija Flor Naturals Crème Brulee Moisturizer has a superior, yet clean hold and yields a uniquely light, airy curl: it feels like wearing a delicious dessert on your head, with a distinct floral and vanilla fragrance. Like the hummingbird for which this product is named, nourish your hair with the finest in all-natural, healing ingredients. Moisturizing Brazilian botanical murumuru seed butter, shea butter, coconut oil, marshmallow root, and aloe vera are FDA-approved, plant-based, raw, vegan, and paraben-free. Get ready to turn heads with this true toilette treat!

Thanks Onyx Box, and thank you, Posh Beauty, for bringing me into your beauty tribe. I sport my well-defined curls with pride!


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New York fashion week “effortless” hair


Along with most viral sensations, the #iwokeuplikethis hashtag is blissfully running its course — but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. The simple beauty of au natural is continuing to rule the fashion week runways, with scores of stylists taking the “no makeup” trend further north to the hair. Scores of models sporting “effortless” hair have been seen sashaying down the catwalks at Rebecca Minkoff, Coach and Jason Wu — slightly disheveled, lightly (and not so lightly) textured and decidedly undone, the considerable “effort” (and product) put into making “effortless” happen is apparent, but worth it for the sex appeal alone.

Rebecca Minkoff


Banana Republic

Jason Wu


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Spring shoes get the tie-me-up treatment

Somewhere between the hubbub over the release of 50 Shades of Grey and the impending Valentine’s Day holiday, lies a perfect mash-up of tie-me-up and amour: lace-up flats, heels and sandals. (*I know it’s a stretch, but follow me on this one.) Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve seen a flurry of up-n-coming spring footwear that pairs bondage with your most beloved accessory — shoes — all lacing up the foot, up the ankle, and even up the calf. Here are 3 lace-up closet style staples to incite an acute pining for spring?

Isabel Marant SS15 Lace-Up Ballet Flats

Lace-up ballet flats are a perfect mix of ladylike chic and girlish glamour, in particularly a pair of Isabel Marant SS15 numbers featured in Elle France that started a riot in my heart. Here are a few more lace-up flat options to make your heart pitter.

Jeffrey Campbell Shay Lace-Up Flat

Aquazzura Belgravia Suede Lace-Up Flat

Going even further up-up-n-away are the gladiator sandals that dominated the runways of Givenchy, Chloe, Valentino and DSquared — to name a few — all tricked out in geometric cutouts and tassels and ties.



The lace-up trend doesn’t stop with flats and sandals, though. It’s also adorning a staggering array of heels, from kitten to stiletto and back down again. Here are a few of our favorites.

Free People Hierro Heel

Alexander McQueen's Cutout Gladiator Boots

Free People Andra Kitten Heel

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Barneys gets “Better Than Ever”

Stephanie Seymour

Barneys is celebrating the famed faces that put the word “super” in front of “model” with a new campaign reuniting a group that ruled both the runway and the covers of most major fashion mags through the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and beyond. Pat Cleveland, Christie Brinkley, Stephanie Seymour, Veronica Webb, Elaine Irwin and Brooke Shields (among others) posed for a reunion shoot with photographer Bruce Weber and showed us all that women, like fine wines, are only improving with age.

Pat Cleveland and Brooke Shields

Elaine Irwin and Kirsten Owen

According to Barneys’ blog, The Window, the intention of the shoot entitled “Better Than Ever,” is to “break the mold of traditional fashion photography” in terms of age and background. “Never, in a million years, has a 20-year-old model walked into a room and had the same effect these women do.” said Barneys’ Creative Director Dennis Freedman. “Only a woman of a certain age can really command a room, because she has a lifetime of experience, she’s able to have a certain perspective and sense of humor. There’s a lot of laughter in the images and a focus on how sexy a certain smile is — I mean, think of Christie Brinkley’s smile.”

Christie Brinkley

Barneys has never been shy about breaking molds and busting industry standards, featuring 40+ icons like Daphne Guinness, Lauren Hutton and Carine Roitfeld and this continued celebration of women growing older is further proof that all women are beautiful, particularly when one has truly lived. Kudos!



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57th Annual Grammys Red Carpet


Award season took another step forward last night with the annual 57th Grammy Awards — yes, that means we’re about to sprinkle your Monday with our favorite rock-n-roll red carpet looks. From sheer sequins to basic black, sexy cutouts to chic pantsuits, the celebs ran the gamut at the music industries biggest night, mostly laying off the bold, bright colors and sticking to shades of black and white. (One notable exception was Rihanna who sported a massive pink dress.) And while we’re going to hold off on offering up Madonna and her derriére (you can find that aplenty on Dr. Google), we are going to give you a peak at what we think were the winners in the style department. Here we go!

Annie Lennox

Anna Kendrick

Miley Cyrus

Gwen Stefani


Rita Ora

Katy Perry

Jennifer Hudson


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The return of the choker necklace

On a whim I decided to tie a thin black ribbon around my neck the other night to compliment the deep red dress I was wearing and I’m realizing now that I’m not alone. Chokers are back and making a bold appearance on a number of the style set. From Emma Watson to Rihanna, chokers are turning up the form of wispy and open-ended gold bands, leather “belts” with metal clasps, layered in dazzling crystal, and simple black ribbons — all neatly wrapped around the neck. The look makes an equally bold statement to the many layered and length necklaces that are also trending for spring — with a decidedly more minimalistic effect. Here’s some choker-inspiration for you to draw from for the weekend!

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Emma Watson


Alexa Chung


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4 youthful tips to try: Is your hair giving your age away?

From anti-aging eye cream to wrinkle-busting botox, we’re awash in ways to make our skin appear more youthful, but are we forgetting about our hair? Sadly, if looking younger is at the top of you to-do list, you might want to revisit your colorist. It seems your color of choice could be adding insult to the injury that father time will inevitably inflict on your skin.

When it comes to looking younger, choosing a lighter hair color will soften the look of fine lines, wrinkles and any dullness associated with age, making you appear more youthful. Dark hair, while obviously more dramatic, tends to look harsh against the skin and puts a spotlight on anything you might prefer to hide.

Adding warm highlights around your face or choosing a warmer base tone can also help hide the signs of aging. Asking your colorist about the effect of golden or honey tones against your skin and together you can choose a shade that best complements your complexion and softens the focus on fine lines.

Shine = youth, so don’t forget to keep your hair healthy and shiny with a weekly hair mask and a healthy lifestyle. A visit to your salon for a gloss treatment can also help amplify shine, keeping your color vibrant and helping to hide any signs of aging on your face.

And finally — and most obvious — don’t let your roots get the best of you. A touch up every four weeks will help hide any grays that draw attention away from your hair color and can put the spotlight directly on fine lines and wrinkles.

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Keeping the dream alive: a second life for Lip Smackers

If you, like us, cried buckets when news broke this weekend that Bonne Bell — the maker of everybody’s junior high favorite, Lip Smackers — was closing its doors, forever depriving us of the soda, candy and fruit-flavored lip ice that stocked our adolescent makeup bag, you can dry those tears. You will not be facing a world void of Coca Cola, Skittles and kiwi chapstick.

While it’s true that Bonne Bell is officially closing up shop and laying off all 91 of its remaining employees, the keys to the kingdom will be sold to Markwins International Corp. (the owners of that other drug store favorite Wet ‘n Wild) who will undoubtedly continue to pony up the nostalgic goods

Lip Smackers made a brief (*and glorious) announcement via it’s Facebook page that read:

“Thank you everyone for your concern and loyalty for the Bonne Bell Company. We are overwhelmed with all the Lip Smacker and Bonne Bell Cosmetics love you have all shown over the years! The Lip Smacker and Bonne Bell brands have been sold but WILL continue to be available for purchase in the US and internationally. This is a revamping to the brands and we are excited to see what the future holds! So don’t worry, you won’t have to live in a Lip Smacker-less world!”

So you see, all is not lost. We heart you Lip Smackers. We really, really do.

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Must-have: Winter white jeans

The idea that white should only be worn in the spring/summer is an archaic one that we’ve long since put behind us. So why is it that today’s must-have is one so many style-seekers have a hard time embracing. White jeans in winter is an easy enough 2015 do — pair with chunky knits, ethereal blouses, chambray button-ups and/or long winter coats — and with such chic early converters as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Cara DelevingneAlexa Chung and a virtual gaggle of street style stars and bloggers offering up their own how-to’s on the look, there is plenty of online inspiration. Your white jeans needn’t linger any longer in the back of your wardrobe waiting for spring to rear it’s head, the time is now.

Alexa Chung

Cara Delevigne

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Trends: Denim redux for spring 2015

Louis Vuitton Spring 2015

Of all the fabrics, denim has a shelf life that lasts. Season after season, year after year. But that doesn’t mean your jean cut and color aren’t on the same trend timeline as everything else. Spring may see the end of your dark, skinny jeans to make way for a hippier selection of hemlines, flares and casually faded hues and 80′s inspired high-waistlines. As always, we’re offering off evidence, so if our blog on Alexa Chung’s latest collaboration with AG Jeans isn’t enough, here are some current runways looks, inspired by the past and reinvented for 2015.

Sonia Rykiel

Rodebjer S/S 2015

Chloe S/S 2015

Gucci S/S 2015


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