Tips: Raid your boyfriend’s closet for fall

Slouchy jeans. Belt-slung shorts. Oversize button up shirts. It’s officially in fashion to raid your boyfriend’s closet. Which means more for you (and less for him… but never mind that.) Today’s tip is about the merits of swiping your boyfriends favorite wears for yourself — and looking absolutely fabulous doing it.

Your BF’s jeans, hanging precariously off the hip, are the perfect compliment to a tucked crisp T-shirt. Simply roll the cuff and pair with a sexy heeled sandal and you’ve got a great going out look that’s not to casual to be chic. Shorts are the same — the slouch is sexy and urban, with a cool display of leg perfect for showing off the latest in your shoe collection.

It’s hard not to see the promise of your BF’s button-ups, particularly when tied at the waist. And let’s not forget the magic of your boyfriend’s sweater, which makes a great pairing with skinny jeans or over a floral dress.

Who needs to go on a shopping spree when your boyfriend closet is so obviously ripe for the picking!

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Beauty sleep: truth or myth

Despite the title, we know the truth. And if you neglected your zzz’s in favor of a weekend of late nights, so do you. Today’s must-have is a bonus for your skin, your eyes, your hair and your well-being — It’s called sleep.

No amount of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing can undo the damage done to your skin by skimming by a few hours of sleep. Sleep is that magical time when damaged skin cells repair themselves, and without enough your skin doesn’t have the time to complete the restorative process, which can create fine lines, wrinkling and a blotchy, uneven skin tone.

Another thing paying a heavy price for your late nights is your skin’s flagging elasticity. Collagen — that magical thing that your body produces to keep your skin plump, smooth and elastic — weakens with time, and sleepy-time is when your body naturally produces collagen. So you do the math: Not enough sleep + not enough collagen = saggy, baggy skin.

If that equation isn’t enough to scare you into at least 7 hours of shut-eye, let’s talk about acne. Your body is a masterpiece at self preservation, and when it’s not getting enough rest, it will produce a particular class of stress hormone called glucocorticoids in increasing amounts. Glucocoricoids can then produce a particularly stubborn bout of acne. What?! Yes. Stress, paired with a lack of sleep is a troublesome twosome that can trigger abnormalities in the skin structure, exacerbating acne and make it increasingly difficult to get rid of.

Wrinkles, sagging and acne? Those late nights don’t really seem worth it now, do they? Instead, try scheduling in at least 7 hours of sleep a night and get back your glow.


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H&M’s Fall Studio collection is ripe for the picking

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the hearts of a million fast fashion followers thumping with anticipation over the reveal of H&M’s Fall/Winter 2014 Studio collection lookbook, which was recently released.

H&M Studio collection is the beloved brands seasonal line, released on the heels of it’s biannual Paris Fashion Week presentation. That means it’s straight from the runway and into your arms — and with good reason. The fall collection is chock full of winter wear’s cozy knits and dark palettes, while still keeping it’s foothold onto the best of multi-seasonal summer separates like gauzy silk slip dresses, floral maxi’s and bra tops meant to tie into spring/summer’s midriff trend. They haven’t forgotten about the men either — think urban chic sportswear, leather, and big boyfriend sweaters ripe for picking from his closet and putting into yours.

H&M’s Fall/Winter 2014 Studio collection will hit select stores on September 4th — so mark those calendars!

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Trends: Choker Chic

Whether slim and sleek or a big chunky chain, choker necklaces are back from the 90′s, and for very good reason. Once spring/summer ’14′s runway like Chanel and L’Wren Scott started the charge, choker necklaces have been seen on everyone from the street style set, to off-duty models, to the red carpet and back again. Isn’t it time you jumped on this oh-so-stylish trend?

Try pairing a scoop neck tee with a bold beaded or metal collar, or a chunky gold chain choker with your must-have summer blazer — there are so many styles of choker heating up the fashion set, that’s it’s hard to go wrong. We’ve even seen a simple ribbon tied neatly around the neck add an ultra urban, yet feminine touch to even the simplest outfits.

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Roland Mouret for Banana Republic

We do heart a good collaboration, so today’s big reveal — Banana Republic meets designer Roland Mouret — had us at hello. The long-awaited capsule collection is a 30-piece, body-con dream of dresses, skirts, tops, blazers and pants perfect for every occasion and will be priced between $50 and $165. A favorite of Kate Middleton, Mouret has met with plenty of attention lately, and with this capsule, it’s clear to see why.

“The common goal for this collection is to offer incredible fit through an assortment of hourglass silhouettes using Banana Republic’s Sloan fabric, extending my love of structure into accessible prices,” Mouret said of the collaboration. “These pieces are multifunctional for the modern woman to wear and accessorize in her own way, making her always ready for life’s journey.” (Did we mention we L-O-V-E him?)

In preparation for tomorrow’s launch, we’ve picked out some of our favorites. Which one’s are on your list?


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Make your hair color last through summer

Summer is synonymous with fun, frolicking and being fabulous. Unfortunately, it’s also synonymous with fading — as in your beautiful new hair color. Today’s tips are specifically geared towards keeping your beautiful salon-perfect color intact despite the abuse of summer sun & wind, heat styling and alcohol-based styling products, and chlorine and salt water. Let’s take a look at counteracting some of the season’s top reasons for dry, damaged hair.

PRODUCT DAMAGE: Sweltering days leads to sweaty hair, which leads to a daily shampoo — and it’s not doing your hair color any favors. Try cutting down on the cleansing time and combatting greasy roots with a dry shampoo instead. And while we’re on the topic of shampoos, make sure yours is one specifically geared towards colored hair. A good shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair will contain peptides to help lock in color and additional nourishing oils to counteract the damage caused by the coloring process.

WATER DAMAGE: The pool isn’t the only place chlorine is wrecking havoc on your hair. The water in the shower contains as much as half the chlorine found in a swimming pool. A good shower head filter can filter out around 95% of the chlorine in our water, which will restore the water’s pH balance and leave your locks soft and shiny.

HEAT & STYLING DAMAGE: It’s unlikely that you’ll spend the summer months avoiding a heat-styling and/or your favorite hair-taming products, so consider a hair primer your new best friend. A good hair primer protects your hair by evening out each strands porosity while protecting it from summer heat, chlorine and dryness. Simply smooth the primer through your hair before you fire up your blowdryer or reach for your styling products and voila!

SUN DAMAGE: A largely overlooked, and  to combat the sun’s punishing rays is SPF — yes, for your hair. A wide brimmed hat or chic summer scarf can do wonders against summer fade, and so can spraying on a UV-protectant. Sun-protective hair sprays contain UVB filters to keep your color as beautiful as the day you got it, and also typically contain extra conditioning agents. Win-win.


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Get a jump on fall fashion trends

Marc Jacobs

We realize it’s still sweltering, but fashion waits for no one and it’s time to start talking about fall. From coats to boots  and back again, fall trends are about bundling up without losing your stylish summer edge. So let’s dive in a take a sneak peek at some of the latest and greatest in the world of of-the-moment cold weather chic.

Stella McCartney

The rule of thumb for fall is oversizing. Everything is big, big, big. Think The Row’s chunky sweaters, the big bold robe coats from Chloe, Stella McCartney, and Altuzarra, even oversized frocks from Sarah Burton. Summer’s less-is-more look will turn to bigger-is-better before a single leaf falls.

Cushnie et Ochs

A decidedly Western appeal and an all out 60′s mod vibe was seen on the most recent fall runways, from Cushni et Ochs and Tibi’s cowboy chic hats and jackets, to Valentino, Gucci and Saint Laurent’s 60′s-inspired colorful shift dresses paired with black tights and over-the-knee boots.


And finally turtle necks are taken to the extreme on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Helmut Lang and Chanel, with the cuts covering half the models faces and some going right up over their heads like a cowl. Covering up was never taken so literally as this over-the-top fall trend.

Helmut Lang

The idea of rocking any of this might be unappealing right now, but you’ll likely want to get a jump on things before the leaves start a fallen’.

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Yesterday’s News: National Lipstick Day!

We’re a day late and a dollar short, but let’s ignore that and extend yesterday’s big beauty holiday, National Lipstick Day (July 29th)! As people do with holidays of such importance, we’re going to get all up in history and then we’re going to ask you to let us know your favorite lipstick… starting with some of the hottest lip hues for summer 2014.

Lipstick throughout history has had its highs and lows. Like that time Queen Elizabeth II of England commissioned her own shade of red-blue to match her 1952 coronation robes and dubbed the royal color “The Balmoral Lipstick” after her Scottish country home. Or that time in 1770 that the British Parliament passed a law allowing for the annulment of a gals marriage if she dared to wear cosmetics before her wedding — ’cause makeup was reserved for prostitutes. (*sigh)

Starting with Cleopatra, who is long rumored to have started the lip paint craze by crushing ants and carmine and mixing that with beeswax to color her lips, the popularity of lipstick and ebbed and flowed through the ages. The painting of the pout was seen as a status symbol during the Roman Empire with everyone — gals and guys alike — painting their pouts to indicate their awesomeness. We wonder what they would have thought about the 1915 Kansas legislature, who introduced a bill that would have made it a misdemeanor for ladies under 44 to wear makeup, as it “created a false impression.” (Cue a collective eye roll.)

Today’s style set loves their lipstick, lip balm, lip stain AND lip gloss — starting with a strong ebb and flow in the popularity of the classic red pout and ending with the vast palette of fluctuating lip color, texture and coverage — from sheer to matte and back again. And what’s not to love? Lipstick can do everything from make a bold statement or simply accentuate (or even refine) the natural beauty of a lady pout. Some of the current top picks for a summer 2014 pout include the classic red and a bold palette of bright pinks, purples and oranges, and as fall 2014 takes hold, we’re likely to see more lips painted with plums, browns and the ever popular neutral and nude glosses and balms. And what fun it is to switch up your makeup routine with new tube of lipstick — makes a gal feel nice, right?

So let us have it? What lipstick, stain, gloss or balm is on your current favorites list?


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Summertime Style: Manage your mane

The dog days of summer are here and by gosh, it’s hot. HOT. H-O-T. The last thing on your mind is likely your sad melted hair-do, but what’s a style-savvy gal to do? Here are a few tips to create sexy summer hair that won’t turn into a frizzled rats nest the second it hits the great outdoors. It sounds counter productive, but the number one way to combat your unruly locks is to style it — we don’t mean a full blow-out, so calm down and keep reading.

A simple of-the-moment way to combat over heated hair is braids. They look great, and whether they’re loose and messy, or taut and haute, you’ll still managed to look pulled together. Simply spray on a leave in conditioner or detangling spray and then separate your hair into as many sections as you want braids. Experiment with multiples  — one down the top of your hair and two down the sides — or singles — wrap it around your head for a red carpet ready look. The sky’s the limit and braids will do double duty taming your wild tresses and still being on trend.

Another big trend for summer ’14 is a head scarf or headband. A headband is a great way to keep any flyaway frizz off of your face and will help you pull off a classic, clean look whether you pull the rest back into a low bun or leave it fly free. While a head scarf wrapped around your head — from the nape of the neck to the front — and tied in a knot is the perfectly glamorous accessory for a tousled up-do or ponytail.


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Vaseline: A multi-tasking must-have

If you’re anything like us your cosmetics cabinet is a smorgasborg of beauty products, some of which you’ve spent a pretty penny for. But being beautiful needn’t always bust your bank account. Sometimes the best beauty must have is something you likely already have — Vaseline.

A first aid kit staple, Vaseline is making it’s way onto the makeup hot list as beauty bloggers tout it’s iconic formula for skin, eyes and lips. Oh sure, it’s still great for treating burns, diaper rash and irritated skin, but petroleum jelly is also a great hydrator (it keeps moisture sealed in), lusciously glossy lip balm, and is handy in helping insert earrings through a stubborn pierced ear.

Did someone say highlighter? A sought after luminous glow can be had by lightly dabbing Vaseline onto your cheekbones. And you can skip the mascara by applying the iconic goo to your lash line for more voluminous and longer looking lashes.

Eye makeup removal is a breeze with petroleum jelly and will prevent harmful tugging and smoothing Vaseline over your brows can tame even the most unruly over-the-eye fringe.

And speaking of fringe, you can mask dry, frizzy split ends by lightly smoothing petroleum jelly over them until you can schedule in a trim.

So for today’s must-have, we nominate an ultra-multi-tasking and super affordable tub of Vaseline. You’re welcome.

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