NARS Hits the West Village

NARS Flagship on Bleeker

NARS Cosmetics, the beloved beauty brand that’s been gaining notoriety the past 16 years, is opening a flagship store in the West Village. Hooray! There’s no denying we’re neighborhood snobs in NYC so we’re just happy to announce the storefront won’t be in SoHo. No longer will you have to make the trek to Bloomingdale’s or your nearest Sephora. Forget about online purchases–who likes buying makeup from a computer anyway? For the first time, all the NARS products will be at 413 Bleeker Street for your shopping convenience.

Marcel Nars

There’s no word yet how the store will be set up or when the grand opening will be. However we’re hoping Marcel, François Nars’ bulldog and new face of the Pro Prime line, will be greeting guests at the door by Thanksgiving. What better way to launch a new shop than with a furry friend underfoot–one that will no doubt melt the heart (and open the designer wallets) of NARS’ makeup mavens. When an opening date is set, we’ll be the first to let you know. Oh and by the way, I’ll be the one in line holding a little treat for Marcel…just in case.

Maria Denardo

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Beyond Mineral Makeup: Multi-ethnic Natural Makeup

While most makeup lines fail to deliver on their promises of achieving beautiful and radiant skin and often leave your face dull and dry, Christopher Drummond Beauty delivers gracefully with a line of all-natural products that are free from harmful ingredients such as titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride and zinc oxide.

The star of the show, the Saude Pele Radiance Booster, brings your skin all the radiance of a Brazilian holiday with the stroke of a brush. It’s an all-over beauty solution and can be used in a variety of ways including:

  • Under a foundation to add glow
  • On top of foundation to add luminosity to the skin
  • As under-eye makeup to increase radiance of the eyes
  • As a universal highlighter for eyes, cheeks, chin and forehead
  • With lip gloss for uber kissable lips
  • With a body and face moisturizer for a kiss of luminosity

Saude Pele, Portuguese for “healthy skin”, is enriched with botanical extracts including Organic Acai, soy isoflavones, green tea extract and lots of great natural extracts to give your complexion a luminous glow.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Christopher Drummond

The greatest part about the Saude Pele radiance Booster, as well as the entire line from Christopher Drummond Beauty, is that all of the products feel as though you have no makeup on at all! The way your makeup is supposed to feel (go figure). Women of all colors can find their true match without the dull, ashy look from other mineral makeup lines. The entire line incorporates vegan, natural and organic ingredients to create gorgeous colors and luminous textures for the everyday woman during work or play.

Check out Christopher Drummond Beauty at www.christopherdrummond.com

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AND GOD CREATED MAN: Manly Men Make A Comeback.

Manly-man John Hamm

Call me vain, but I don’t want my man skinnier or prettier than me.  I just don’t.  And while the majority of my girlfriends agree, the fashion world does not.  For years we’ve seen the domination of the hairless man-child strolling down the runways and peering out from men’s magazines – beautiful and androgenous, but hardly masculine – that may be about to change.

The New York Times recent article “From Boys To Men” may have put a well-placed nail in the coffin of the skinny-skinny “skate-rat” male model phenomenon popularized by photographer Hedi Sliman,  by recognizing a new trend in men’s fashion… and beyond.

“The twink thing seems over,” said Jim Nelson, the editor of GQ.  “When we cast, we want a model with some heft to him and a few years on him,” he said. “Someone who has aged a little bit and who feels like he’s a man.”

Creative director, Sam Shahid, who had a hand in the campaigns that helped put Calvin Klein on the map says, “It’s not just models, it’s actors, it’s advertising, it’s the movies. It’s trendy to do this (showing more masculinity in media), and everyone’s suddenly jumping on it.”

Man-some Josh Brolin

A few very manly cases in point: John Hamm – spectacularly square-jawed and carpet-chested,  Josh Brolin – who’s smoldering weathered glare stares out from a recent GQ issue as if to say “who’s your daddy”, and super-male-model and Halle-Barry-Baby-Daddy Gabriel Aubry – with his strong veined arms and seemingly permanent 5 o’clock shadow. In a word: Yum.

Gorgeous Gabriel Aubry

But why the sudden change of tune?

The Times states several ‘reasons’ why the manly-man is making a resurgence, with the number one reason being the economy.

Maxim editor Joe Levy is quoted, “Men have always been defined by their jobs — always,” but in today’s unstable job market, they have to define themselves in new ways.  ”So you fall back on old notions of what it meant to be a man or to look like one,” Levy says. Bulging, sexy muscles, some chest-hair, and the deck-building know-how that inspires confidence in the fairer sex.

As consumers are spending less, they want to see someone that more closely resembles themselves and the men that they know and admire – not some bird-chested 18 year old.

Whatever the reasons – I, for one, will happily devour this new barrage of manly-man images.

The Times has spoken.  And it is good.  Very good.

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True or False: Weekend Rumors Put to Rest

There are some weekends that are all about relaxing: cozy knits, homemade beauty masks, chamomile tea. And then there are weekends packed with so much scandal, one has to phone a friend and ask, “What happened last night?” The past couple days have been the latter; rumors are swirling in the ‘biz and blackberries are lighting up over some juicy fashion gossip. So, Posh Beauty investigated and is here to put those nasty rumors to rest. (Ah-hem. No, Justin Bieber is not dead and his nail polish line is still a go.) Let’s get started.

Alexander Wang

Is Alexander Wang designing for Nike? False. The Spring 2011 deal between the street chic designer and the sportswear powerhouse has been squashed. Mediabistro’s UnBeige sent a naughty little tweet out last Monday exciting stylishly sweaty fans only to find out that both parties denied the collaboration. With Wang’s penchant for sporty separates, including a pair of $400 biker shorts, here’s hoping the two will reconcile and just do it!

The Lovebirds: Jamie Hince and Kate Moss

Did Kate Moss really get married in August? False. The did-she-or-didn’t-she debate is finally over. According to her agent, in UK Vogue, Kate Moss and The Kills musician Jamie Hince did not tie the knot over the summer. Apparently the supermodel just fancies walking on the beach in a see-through dress while sometimes wearing a ring on that finger. Go figure.

Love, Chloé Advertisement

Was YSL accidentally in a Chloé ad? True. You know the Love, Chloé fragrance ads with Raquel Zimmermann? The ones blown up on billboards and inside of all the major fashion glossies? Well, she’s wearing an Yves Saint Laurent belt by mistake. Eyes are rolling and tongues are wagging over the fashion blunder. This is a major career-defining moment for one unlucky stylist–Rachel Zoe would DIE.

Maria Denardo

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Tina Knowles Debuts Line at Wal-Mart for Budget Fashionistas

The Knowles family is continuing to take the fashion industry by storm with a new collection recently launched at popular budget-retailer Wal-Mart. Tina Knowles, mother of famed superstar Beyonce, debuted her ultra-femme and professional line of women’s wear, Miss Tina exclusively for Wal-mart, earlier this month. The line encompasses a 30-piece collection of track suits, wrap dresses and career tops in sizes 2 to 20.

“Whether you’re a size 4 or a size 22, women want the same thing,” says Knowles about the new line she designed for both mature women in their 50’s and the young woman starting out in her career. “These clothes are all made with the thought process to make you look slimmer and taller.”

Miss Tina showcases sexy separates for all sizes

Each piece in the collection is under $20 and fits a variety of sizes. While most stores only carry plus sizes between a size 12 and 14, Knowles wanted to help her frustrated customers find something that they would look sexy and comfortable in. She believes that no matter your size, “you deserve good fashion.”

Wrap dresses are a staple in the line

To promote Miss Tina, Knowles will be visiting seven Wal-mart stores around the country, including her home town Houston, Texas. She is also scheduled for Phoenix, Dallas and three stores in California. The collection is also available at www.walmart.com and features bold colors and sexy patterns that will keep you looking sexy, chic and sophisticated.

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RIDDLE ME THIS: Celebrity Hair Hits the Chopping Block.

Michelle Williams' Pixie Cut with Long Front Layers

There’s an epidemic sweeping Hollywood, an epidemic of vast and fashionably sweeping proportions.  It seems that starlets everywhere are taking their luscious locks (and long, long extensions) to the chopping block.  And while I’m not exactly brave enough to try on this bold styling myself – I’m hoping to one day soon, pluck up my courage, waltz into my stylist and demand that she start chopping.

Carey Mulligan's 2010 Oscars Pixie Cut

From Carey Mulligan’s bold, blond and downright Farrow-esque (as in Mia) pixie cut at last years award shows to what might be the loveliest transition phase ever to grace the red-carpet, Ms. Mulligan is building her reputation as a trend-setter as fast as she’s building her resume as a superb actress.

Carey Mulligan's "transition phase"

Another more-recent convert to the short is chic club is Ms. Mulligan’s equally style-blazing friend, Keira Knightly, who heated up the blogosphere last month by unveiling a stylishly face-framing bob at Paris’ Fashion Week.  And if ever a face deserved to be framed… am I right?

Keira Knightley's face-framing Bob Cut

Ginnifer Goodwin is another fashion darling who’s rock-n-roll pixie cut is set to grace the cover of In-Style’s UK November issue.  In my eye’s this gal can do no wrong and her shagged and tousled short-do is just further proof that she is a gal moving fashion forward.

Ginnifer Goodwin's

If these gals are the harbingers of what’s hot for hair right now – the obvious answer is to get ourselves to our hair-stylists lose a little length.

The question then, ladies, is this: Would you?  Could you?  Did you?

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Jason Wu Teams with Supreme Aupres

Jason Wu for Supreme Aupres

Today, all eyes are on Jason Wu. The uber-popular designer has just unveiled his newest collaboration of high-end eye shadow with Shiseido’s luxury line, Supreme Aupres. A talented renaissance man, Wu first debuted the seven yummy shades during his Resort 2011 presentation and Spring/Summer 2011 runway show in New York. When asked about his beauty venture, he replied, “I’m all about color, and they’re based on my clothing. They’re like the icing on the cake. These are dessert cosmetics!”

Makeup artists, Diane Kendal and Jenna Menard, used the shimmery soufflé formula to compliment a strong, colorful eye by sweeping the shadow underneath models’ brows and onto the inner corners. Inspired by precious stones and Buddhism, each holiday shadow comes in individual jewel compacts and will be sold throughout China.

Jason Wu S/S 2011

Maria Denardo

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Finally! Skin Care for Brown Girls

Despite what empowerment professionals say, beauty is truly on the outside. Take it how you want, but until we can wear our resumes and accomplishments on our bodies, its best to stick with the notion that a pretty face always finishes first.

While every beauty product on the shelves or at the local Sephora promises gorgeous skin, there hasn’t been anything on the market specifically geared towards the skin care needs of women of color that has had staying power… until now.

AloeForMocha Skin Care is a complete line of nature-based skin care products developed by a woman of color specifically for women of color.

AloeForMocha Founder Danna Johnston

With highly-concentrated products, AloeForMocha’s founder, Danna Johnston, was frustrated with not being able to find anything on the market that was effective and designed for her skin tone. So she set out to create a line that addressed skin issues of women of color such as hyper-pigmentation, dark under-eye circles and dry skin.

Get your AloeForMocha Skin Care Beauty Basics Kit complete with a hydrating cleanser, toner, aloe and shea moisturizer and beauty spa bag at www.AloeForMocha.com and use promo code: SDD15 for 15% off your purchase.

Kudos to AloeForMocha for giving us the flawless skin we’ve been waiting for!

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Flower Power Goes Glam

Remember when your mom told you to put some “elbow grease” into cleaning the kitchen? Well, elbow grease isn’t just an old saying for getting the grime out of a roasting pan anymore; It’s an all-over body moisturizer that’s part of an extensive line of natural products created by Pooka Pure and Simple. With ten years in the business, co-founder Dawn Pitch started making products in her kitchen that haphazardly turned into a beauty empire.

The product line encompasses moisturizers, shower gels, scents and hair care products with yummy smells that are so mouth-watering it’s almost impossible to not grab a spoon and chow down!

The Founders of Pooka

The founders call themselves Pookalita’s and although they believe in high-quality, safe and natural ingredients, they are far from your average tree-hugging, flower girls. “We are still girly-girls,” says Pitch. “We want to smell and look good while still being healthy. Pooka offers the best of both worlds”.

The brand has had success nation-wide and is currently in 38 Whole Foods stores. They have been spotlighted in Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, Hype Hair and featured on the Today Show.

Rub yourself down with some Fresh Sugah Whipped Cream or scrub away dead skin with the Coconut Crunch Body Polish and get a Pooka-licous body others will be tempted to eat!

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Vending Machine Beauty

The longer you live in the Big Apple, the shorter a New York minute becomes. If you have to wait over 2.75 minutes from the time you enter a Starbucks to the time you leave, it’s too long. If you’ve been standing on the platform for 5 whole minutes and your train has yet to arrive, it’s a catastrophe. If you’re stuck behind a tourist walking up a crowded stairway or a busy sidewalk, the world has ended. Sound familiar? With so little time in a day New Yorkers, along with people all over the world, want to capitalize on each and every minute. So do retailers.

Vending machines are all the rage in Japan, and for the past year beauty-stocked machines in the U.S. have grown in popularity. Why deal with a miserable salesperson when you can pick up your favorite perfume or face wash without a line, without ‘tude, and all in a matter of minutes? Love it! Interactive product information, touch pad capabilities, and credit card access make these one-stop shops our new favorite friend. Proactiv, Sephora, The Body Shop, and U*tique have jumped on the bandwagon by creating their own stand-alone “stores.” Chalk full of over fifty beauty products from name brands like SmashBox, Dior, Boscia, Bliss, Philosophy, Givenchy, and Bare Escentuals, these kiosks can be found in the Dallas (DFW), Las Vegas (LAS), Houston (IAH), Indiana (IND), Tennessee (BNA), and New York (JFK) airports as well as mall and retail locations across the country.

The simplicity and accessibility is an obvious plus but there may be a downside. If these kiosks keep multiplying, does that potentially mean less American jobs? Can a vending machine really affect the way a corporate giant like the beauty industry runs? Or is it just a nice accessory along the way to the airport bar? Will we all become anti-social makeup wielding basement dwellers who only come out at night to hit up the local vending spot? Only time will tell. For now, I have one eye fixed on the positive and the other on the JFK vending machine. Do you think it carries Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Little Red Dress?

Maria Denardo

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