Tess Munster breaking down barriers for plus-size models

Plus-size models are celebrating a big win today as one of their own, Tess Munster announced that she is the first size 22 model to be signed by a major modeling agency. MiLK Management in London, officially signed the curvaceous beauty to it’s Curve division and her photos look every inch the super model she is.

Sharing the news on her Facebook page, Munster wrote, “I can finally share my big news!!! I’m now represented by MiLK Management in London. I’m the first plus size model EVER (I die) my size & height to be signed to a major agency!”

Kudos to MiLK for this significant step in the right direction (featuring beauty in all it’s various sizes and shapes), and congratulations to Tess, who has long been an amazing advocate for the fashion world embracing plus-size models! Here are some more stunning images of this beauty.


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Winter skin woe wonders: oils and butters that soothe and heal


In case you’ve missed the flurry of headlines — and are possibly nestled under a rock somewhere in the Southwest — winter is here, replete with our first big winter storm, Juno. *and yes, she’s a doozy. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means you’re either out there battling the blizzard’s whipping winds or you’re a virtual shut-in battling the dry environment compliments of your indoor heating — both things add up to this: damaged, moisture deprived skin that itches, burns and cracks. What to do, what to do? Here’s a look at several moisturizing and naturally derived oils and butter that will help you weather the… uh… storm sans the accompanying dry, chapped winter skin.

You’ve heard (*and we’ve written) ad-nauseaum about the wonders of coconut oil, but in case you haven’t heard us: coconut oil is magic. Extracted from the kernels of the seed of the coconut palm, coconut oil is the real deal. It moisturizes deeply, absorbs easily into the skin and helps to strengthen underlying tissue and remove excess dead cells on the skin’s surface, removing all the rough, flaky outer layer and making way for the soft, new cells. Unrefined coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, is anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, can help protect against sunburn, and slathered on after a shower will make you feel softer than any babies bottom — guaranteed.

Another seed derived wonder is shea butter. Cultivated from the fruit of a tree native to Africa, shea butter is composed of fatty acids similar to those produced in our skin’s own sebaceous glands and is rich in Vitamins A and E, both of which soothe, hydrate and balance chapped, dry skin.

Jojoba oil is an odorless, colorless, not-exactly-an-oil moisturizer which makes up about 50% of the weight of the seed of the jojoba plant. It’s rather waxy in texture and is composed of something similar to the our own sebum — which makes it a great all around healer, trapping in essential H20 and also acting as a fungicide.

Delicious, nutritious and moisturizing, olive oil is a pantry to cosmetics case powerhouse that’s been used since ancient times to moisturize skin and soothe irritation. Extracted from the fruit of the olive tree, olive oil is easily absorbed into the skin and also contains antioxidants that can help slow the signs of aging. Slather some on directly out of the shower and don’t be shy about massaging it into your hair and scalp — then slather some on bread or pasta and enjoy!



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SAG Awards stunning red carpet

Lupita Nyong'o

Julianne Moore, Uzo Aduba, Viola Davis, Patricia Arquette — we’re clear on the handful of last night’s SAG Award winners. What we’re unclear on is who “won” the red-carpet. Style stars in dazzling get-ups were in abundance last night, from Emma Stone’s stunning Dior tux redux to Lupita Nyong’o's flowing stripes meets floral Elie Saab. Since you’re likely as hard-pressed to pick favorites as we are, we thought we’d do our own photo red carpet 2.0 right here and then let you choose. So let us know… who do you think nailed the “style-star” look at last nights award season ceremony?

Rosamund Pike

Reece Witherspoon

Rashida Jones

Emma Stone

Felicity Jones

Camila Alves

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Target set to launch Ava & Viv plus size collection

On the heels of Target’s disastrous 2-year run of inciting the rage of plus size shoppers (Manatee Grayugh, mislabeling a maternity dress as plus size*seriously?, and the most recent Lilly Pulitzer x Target debacle of only offering plus sizes online and not in stores – *hand to forehead) it now looks like the collaborative superstore is looking to make amends.

The offering? A truly inspired plus size collection, focusing on fit, style and affordability — and gosh darn it, this line is c-u-t-e. From denim tops to printed jumpsuits, on-trend and flattering geometrics to flowy, tie-dye pants, the line called AVA & VIV stands up to Target’s other stylish collections Mossimo and Merona.

“This isn’t pieces that have been cobbled together,” explains Joshua Thomas, a spokesperson for Target. ”This is a collection that has been designed specifically for a woman who loves fashion, who is looking for stylish basics, who is looking for trend pieces that will help her stand out.”

The lookbook features plus size bloggers Gabi Gregg, Chastity Garner and Nicolette Mason, who all played a part in designing the line and it’s social media strategy by offering up ideas and suggestions.

“Gabi, Chastity, and myself were brought in to work on social media strategies, give feedback on the collection, and model in the AVA & VIV lookbook,” said Mason. “Though we were brought in once the first season’s collection was already designed and produced, the team was very eager to get our honest feedback on the styles and incorporate our likes and dislikes into future deliveries.”

And the best part is that the line, set to premiere in stores in mid-February and online on February 22, is to become a permanent and ever-evolving fixture on Target’s in-store floors and online at Target.com.

“[Plus women] rarely have the option to shop in person and try things on, so I’m very happy Target is dedicating more floor space to a youthful, fun, plus-size line. I’m also really excited about the price point, because I know so many women are looking for affordable, trend-driven options in their size.”

Well done, Target.

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Vogue gives the final word on Spring’s ins and outs.

No makeup for spring 2015

The sad reality when it comes to trends is that, today’s “in” is inevitably tomorrows “out.” As evidence we present Vogue’s list of Ins/Outs for the upcoming season, so sit back, prepare the closet purge (and the tissues) and enjoy the fashion tomes final word on what trends to buy and what trends to let fly (away.)



Switch out that minimalist sheath dress for a softer, more flowy hippie dress.


Vogue says it’s time to give that tough black leather moto a rest for something more classic in outerwear — a tan coat in a softer fabric like suede or wool.



When it comes to prints, last season’s geometrics are donezo, making way for spring much-trippier psychodelic prints. Think wild 70′s florals, paisley mash-ups and tie-dyes and you’ll get the mood.


The single statement earring can be placed gently back into your jewelry box and replaced by statement necklaces — all of the statement necklaces. It seems the style bible is suggesting you wear a flurry of necklaces for spring.


The word in makeup is: no. Put those paints and palettes away as spring is a time for daring to bare — a little moisturizer and it’s out the door.



Your delicate ladylike heels can take a backseat to the dizzying array of chunkier platform heels.


And those cropped tailored trousers that you just got right can make their way back into the closet too. Spring is all about flares (another 70′s-inspired wonder?) And, hey… didn’t they try to bring back the flared jean last spring too?


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Dove’s pro-curl movement has begun

Dove has done it again, sending the message that all women are beautiful just the way they are — this time in the shape of a soon-to-go viral video campaign called “Love Your Curls,” aimed at encouraging young girls to embrace their curly hair. The stars? An ethnically diverse blend of 5 to 11 year old girls who struggle with embracing the beauty of their naturally curly hair.*prepare to have those heartstrings tugged.

Dove cites statistics that only 4 out of 10 curly haired girls think that their hair is beautiful, the video — replete with a very catchy tune and a surprise curly haired dance party — does a darn good job of encouraging girls to embrace their natural beauty regardless of what they may see in magazines. As someone who has struggled with my own curls, straightened them into oblivion and thrilled with the recent surge in embracing your hair’s natural texture, this particular writer is thrilled with Dove’s latest “you are beautiful just the way you are” mission. See the whole video here and don’t forget to grab those tissues.


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Posh Beauty’s Instagram Photo Winner gets a New Year makeover

Our Instagram Photo Contest Winner, Natasha Troung - Before and After

During the holiday season, Posh Beauty proudly participated in the Dress For Success pop-up charity shopping event “Shop For Success” to help benefit the non-profit career development and employment retention programs that help Los Angeles women in need get back to work. In collaboration with the world-renown Christophe Salon, we offered up free on-the-spot hair styling by a talented handful of Christophe’s team and a full makeover for one special winner of our Instagram Photo Contest. The winner Natasha Truong was kind enough to let us tag along, while she enjoyed a day of beauty with Christophe colorist Summer Soraro, stylist Tonia Day, and makeup artist Thierry Pourtoy.

Christophe Salon in Beverly Hills

Christophe Salon in Beverly Hills is the flagship salon of world renown celebrity stylist and creator of his own innovative hair care line Christophe, whose belief that beauty should be simple is evidenced in the care that he and his team take in creating a look that will not only make a client look their best, but will also make them feel their best. “I might give you the best haircut I’ve ever given in my life,” Christophe says of how he approaches a client, “but if you like long hair, and I cut it off then I’ve missed my point.”
Which is undoubtably why Natasha’s makeover team took such care in consulting with her when it came time to invent a look that would make her look and feel her very best. Natasha, a manager at a radiology facility, came in with long, waist-length hair and while she wasn’t opposed to cutting it, she didn’t necessarily want super short hair either.

A day of beauty at Christophe Salon w/ colorist Summer Sararo (top left) and stylist Tonia Day (bottom right)

Together Natasha and her makeover team decided on a medium length look and stylist Tonia Day got to work. The first step was to dry cut Natasha’s hair, taking off nearly 6″, getting rid of the dead ends and freshen her up. “I’ve been cutting dry for 9 years,” Day said, “which gives it more of a softer, lived in feel, so it won’t look like she just had her hair cut. The effect is fresh and more versatile, with lots of movement.”
Natasha brought in a picture of a model whose hair resembled Jennifer Lopez, so the team decides to trade-in Natasha’s current red ombré for a J-Lo-inspired look with more chocolate brown and caramel tones. Summer Sararo achieves this by retouching her base to control the current warmth, and artfully applying balayage highlights to achieve a beachy, sun-kissed feel. She follows up by glazing the hair with Redkin JTQ to neutralize any residual red.

Our winner w/ makeup artist Thierry Pourtoy

Once the color is complete, Natasha is off for a visit to celebrity make-up artist Thierry Pourtoy who find inspiration in the eyes. “I like to work on the eyes, then of course look at the hair, the color of the skin tone and all that. Of course, you have to ask the client what she wants and from there you create. She’s going on a date, so we have to make her look sexy.” Pourtoy creates a medium dark smokey eye using elements from Bare Minerals cosmetics line, with a soft rose-colored lip and cheek.

Finishing touches w/ stylist Tonia Day (bottom left and top right) and a photo op with the team

Add a blow-out and carefree yet crafted curls by Tonia Day, and a light application of Kerastase Volumizing Mouse (to add a little texture to the roots without necessarily adding volume), Hanz de Fuko Quicksand and a spritz of L’Oreal Professional Infinitum 4 Hair Spray and Natasha is ready for her date — the final look is effortless, bouncy and beautiful.
To book your own appointment at Christophe Salon, click here.
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Alexa Chung collaborates with AG Jeans on

There are some “it” girls who stick to the consuming side of fashion, but we can’t think of single muse more perfectly poised (and impossibly anticipated) to tackle the creating side than the design darling, Alexa Chung. In her scant 31 years she’s managed to play model, muse, author, and tv personality, making way for what’s likely to be a seamless transition to collaborative partner with AG Jeans, and while this isn’t her first foray into the capsule collection game, it just might be our favorite.

The chic trend revivalist and street-scene icon brings her retro-inspired personal style to a 20-piece capsule collection that has us pining for this year’s music festival season — think denim dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans with a decidedly late 60′s, early 70′s aesthetic. Straight from the Brit beauty’s mouth, The Telegraph reports that “[t]he collection is inherently the missing pieces of my dream denim wardrobe.” The lookbook features Chung herself, all decked out what are sure to be some of your favorite go-to pieces for spring and beyond. AG has confirmed that the collection, which will officially launch on January 15, will be priced between $70 and $300. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our favorite looks from the pairing.


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Trending Hair Hacks: Slick it back

Taylor Schilling

For the third time in as many days, I’ve heard a handful of very stylish stylists tick off the merits of the slicked back wet look that tore up the 2015 fashion week runways and is now tearing up the red carpets. Add to this its impossibly easy-peasy execution and the fact that it works with nearly every type and length of hair and you have the making of what could be your go-to do for the year. A simple dollop of hair gel at the root of freshly washed locks, combed straight back, into a deep side or dead center part and voila! — You look perfectly put together and urban chic whether you leave the length of your hair down and air dried or tidied up in a neat bun or ponytail. Here are some celebrity takes on the wet hair trend to offer up inspiration for those days when a blowout is simply to taxing to your schedule or your psyche.

Rita Ora

Felicity Jones

Sienna Miller

Clare Danes

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Target X Lilly Pulitzer sets the stage for summer

Fast fashion has put us on notice again — summer is just around the corner (whaaatz?) and we best be dressed for it. Thankfully Target and their latest collaboration darling, Lilly Pulitzer, are just about to launch a 250-piece collection of clothing (including plus-sizes available online), accessories, travel and home goods, all with the brand’s signature Palm Beach-inspired prints. So whip out your flip-flops and cue up the poolside cocktails!

Target unleashed the goods on bloggers, editors and fashion insiders early this week in New York City with an event designed to get everyone in a warm weather mood — beach chairs, beach umbrellas, deck tables, and lots of beach-ily dressed models decked in Pulitzer for Target finest. Founded in 1959, Pulitzer is known for it’s modern take on a decidedly retro look with beachy prints in pinks, greens, blues and yellows, so you can imagine the event made it’s mark on the chilly city — heck, we’re in the mood simply from the snaps.

“The Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection marks a new chapter for our brand,” read a press release from Jane Schoenborn, vice president/creative communications at Lilly Pulitzer. “We’re excited to give Lilly fans everywhere, including those who have loved the brand for years and those who will get to know it for the first time through this collaboration, a chance to experience this incredibly chic lifestyle collection.”

The collection is set to retail from $2 to $150 and — in an almost cruel tease — will be available on April 19th – so mark those calendars.


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