A trend to bundle up for: camel coat

Baby, it’s cold outside. No… not here in Southern Cali, but we’re feeling you east coast. So in honor of bundling up, we’re highlighting a major outerwear trend that arguably looks great on everyone. A camel coat.

This classic is a major staple for F/W 14-15 and here’s why. We can’t think of a single cold-weather cover-up that looks polished, timeless with just the right amount of rich gal glamour, a camel coat looks great against every skin tone and body type. It’s clearly the perfect way to stay warm and chic all at the same time. Here are some of our favorite celeb camel coat looks to further our cause and provide style inspiration.

Zoe Saldana

Kate Bosworth

Hilary Duff

Ashley Olsen


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Lena Dunham’s edgy-chic turn for ELLE

One of our favorite “Girls“, Lena Dunham’s edgy-chic do on the cover of ELLE magazine’s annual Women in TV issue is poised to reaching for the bleach, vibrant color and scissors. Sporting a simple choppy coif, that amazing 90′s color job and a sharp cat-eye, Dunham looks equal parts glamorous and every gal — which is exactly her appeal. Take a peak at some of the editorial snaps inside, featuring goods by haute designers Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, and Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane and you’ll see exactly how the cool kids do. And congrats on the cover, Lena!

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Tips: A post-party season skin revival

Whew! We did it. We survived another holiday season filled with sugar, al-chee-hol, a month of sleepless nights and nary a second to hit the gym — and boy-oh-boy our skin is showing it. Your sunken, dull complexion and puffy irritated eyes were hard earned, and they’re going to take just as much effort to get rid of. So let’s begin, shall we.

We’re going to start with hydration. You may not have the time or the dinero to afford a spa visit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from whipping up some spa water to help stave off the dehydration. Soaking cucumber, mint, turmeric powder and/or lemon in your water is a great way to liven up the flavor of your favorite tasteless beverage and revive your skin at the same time. Extra credit for exchanging your morning coffee fix with hot water infused with ginger root — simply slice and soak.

The damaging effects of your life-of-the-party schedule coupled with harsh indoor heating and outdoor chill are all reasons to give your skin the replenishing it deserves. Peptide moisturizers are great for revitalizing your complexion by improving texture and tone, and lotions rich in vitamins like A & E will help replenish what you lost to those holiday cocktails. If you find that even your most trusted products are causing irritation, you may want to turn to dermatologist favorite, Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and stick with a gentle moisturizer free of perfumes and extraneous ingredients.

You may have exchanged your nightly skincare routine for an extra hour (or two) on the dance floor, so a return to exfoliation is likely in order. Exfoliation is a great way to “wake up” your skin and enable it to do it’s job — which is to protect. There are plenty of gentle scrubs on the market that can help revive your complexion — Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment, Epicuren Exfoliants Astringent and Scrub, and Fresh Sugar Face Polish are all personal favorites — but you can also DIY a gentle scrub of your own. Try mixing soothing oatmeal and or baking soda with a little water or olive oil and gently slough off any DDD (dull, dry, dead) skin.

And finally, put those party ways to bed (literally and figuratively) — lay off the high fat, sugary sweet eats, put down that wine glass, and be sure to get plenty of zzz’s. Boosting your skin with a lifestyle detox doesn’t require any juice fasting or deprivation, but spending a month abstaining from alcohol, getting enough sleep and eating plenty of nourishing organic fruits and veggies and you’ll see a vast improvement in your skin. We promise.


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A users guide for wearing high heels

Today’s tip is a sole saver because — admit it — your feet are tired. Your little black dress and the accompanying heels have likely seen a lot of wear this holiday season, and with New Year’s Eve closing in your barking dogs won’t be getting a break anytime soon. We’ve never been converts of the “beauty is pain” mentality, so let’s review a few ways to sport your highest heels without the pesky blisters, arch pain and back break.

1. The first and best tip is posture, posture, posture. You’re not going for a leisurely stroll in your sneakers when you slip on those Louboutins, so quit walking like you are. The correct way to walk in heels requires keeping you head and spine straight like you’re being pulled from a string on the top of your head. Use your hips to shift and lift your legs to the center with each step – almost like you’re lightly bouncing. Changing your gait will help adjust your center of gravity and can help ease the pain of those stilettos.

2. Insoles are your friend. Slipping a gel insole into your heel is a great way to help keep pressure off your foot while sporting your favorite d’Orsay, and they’re equally great for keeping your toes from scrunching by holding the ball of your foot in place and helping to prevent blisters too. And since they’re so easy to swap in and out of your shoes, they’ll multi-task for until you have to replace them (about every 6-months.)

3. A lesser known fix is to shave the heel on your favorite stiletto down a bit. *Gasp!* I know. I know. But if you’re willing to sacrifice a little height, then having a shoe repair shop slightly shave the heel down can make a big difference for the arches of your feet for typically a small price tag (about $15.) NOTE: A good shoe repair shop won’t remove more than an inch so as not to disrupt the shoe’s arched construction.

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J.Crew X Band-Aid’s stylish boo-boo covers

It seems the old adage “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” applies even if what you’ve “got” is a nasty paper cut or a banged up knee.

Saying goodbye to boring “flesh” colored band-aids will be a lot less painful than your latest boo-boo with BAND-AID brand’s recent collaboration with fashion heavy J.Crew. Gone are the plain perforated plastic and childish cartoon printed bandages of the past, in exchange for bold-hued geometric prints and charming phrases like “hug me” and “je t’aime,” that act less as an obtrusive ouchie-covering and more as a statement making accessory. Band-Aid reminds us that there is always a bright side — even to that nasty hangnail.


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Dolce & Gabbana loves grandmas too

This is typically the time of year when you become acutely aware of all of your Grandma’s awesomeness — her cooking, her ability to trick out a holiday home like nobodies business, her immaculate and no-nonsense way of calling you out on your nonsense — grandmas rock. Guess who else loves grandmas? Dolce & Gabbana.

D & G is embracing grandma culture with a new ad spot featuring several glorious abuelas (grandmas), bullfighters, flamenco and all-things-gloriusly Spanish. Think grandmas in gilded floral crowns, real-life toreador José Maria Manzanares, a pro dancer, a guitar player (and soundtrack) all flanking models Bianca Balti, Vittoria Ceretti, Irina Sharapova and Blanca Padilla and you’ll get the idea. Now think grandmas again. ‘Cause they’re just so freakin’ great.

The campaign, shot by Domenico Dolce is a celebration of the label’s new Spring/Summer ’15 collection inspired by the old traditions and lore of Spain and Sicily. The grandmothers in the ad represent ”the respect and love the Mediterranean cultures harbour towards the older generation,” and hey, shouldn’t we all be doing that anyway? Here are some shots from the campaign — and feel free to sit down with your Grandma and watch the ad in it’s entirety here.


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Layer up w/ a must-have puffer vest

Not to incite a riot of insatiable envy… but I’ve been doin’ some serious cold weather shopping. Leather jackets, fuzzy sweaters, a multi-seasonal trench and a warm wooly cape, but my favorite find (and coincidentally entirely of-the-moment) is a gorgeous leather puffer vest. Perfect for layering up without the curse of bulky “I can’t move my arms ’cause I have too many sleeves going on” effect, a puffer vest is a toasty addition to your cool-girl winter weather arsenal. And since brands in-the-know (June, Uniqlo, James PerseHelmut Lang, Calvin Klein) are all offering up this soon-to-be-staple, there are plenty of styles to choose from. So layer-up in the luxe — here are four of my absolute fave snow-into-spring styles:

Helmut Lang



James Perse


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3 trends to spice up your holiday go-to little black dress

Let’s face it – you look amazing in the little black dress you’ve been sporting to every holiday event this season – sadly so does every one else. So what’s a gal to do if she’s looking to stand out in the crowd without giving up that all ebony ensemb? We’ve whittled together a few trends of the trade to help spice up your 2014 party gal uniform (a.k.a. LBD) and take your look from melancholy fab to of-the-moment va-va-voom in 3.. 2.. 1…

Our first trick naturally falls to accessories, most notably a statement necklace in mixed metals or bold hued beads. A stylish statement necklace is completely on trend and a great way to get that conversation started. It’ll likely go something like this: “Oh my GOD! I LOVE your necklace!” Voila! A friend is made.

Another great way to add color to your all-black look is to toss on a brightly colored jacket – cobalt, red and yellow blazers, vests and coats will have you turning heads before you even get in the door.

Experiment with an oversized sweater, a hat, a clutch, or even a cream lace sheath top in your hues of winter whites to add a little variety to your go-to party dress. Black and white is a great holiday combo and a simple way to go color blocked urban or boho chic in the blink of an eye.

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Holiday Travel: Tips for saving your skin

Today’s tips are especially geared towards those holiday warriors who will brave flying the friendly skies this holiday season. Airport stressors, recycled inflight air, and fluctuations in altitude and weather are all enough to take your complexion from luminous to listless in the course of a single day. So here are a few of our favorite tips for keeping your skin in check during the holiday to and fro.

Naturally, it starts from the inside. Taking proper diet precautions pre-flight can help save your skin from the stressors of the season. Think lots of greens – particularly kale, spinach and green apples – to help boost hydration and internal cleansing, raw inflight snacks like nuts, seeds, fruit and veggies, and stay away from alcohol, sugar and processed foods. Yes, that means saying “no” to the wine, salted pretzels and airplane food that only serve to create toxic buildup and dehydration.

Hydration is the number one way to stay looking fresh and feeling energized. Stock up on bottled water prior to the flights or bring a refillable water bottle onboard with you. Constantly sipping water during your travel will help prevent water retention and dry skin.

Counter to what you may think, spraying a facial mist will only exacerbate the problem. Since airplane cabins have extremely low humidity, your skin will be on high alert for any moisture. Since water attracts water, misting your face will bring any water from the deep layers of your skin to the surface, where it too will evaporate into the dry cabin air causing even more dehydration. Opting for a layer of ultra-rich moisturizer w/ SPF prior to your flight will act as a double-duty sealant, keeping the moisture in and protecting you from the closer proximity of the sun’s harmful UV rays.


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Fifty Shades of Grey gets the beauty treatment

Remember that little homage to S&M that everyone was reading and now everyone is pining for the release of the film? Yes. We’re talking about Fifty Shades of Grey, all dolled-up as a makeup collaboration that will leave beauty junkies feeling all hot-n-heavy.

Cosmetics brand Make Up For Ever has launched four, limited-edition sets with which to adorn your lips, eyes and cheekbones. Think two lip trios, aptly titled “Tease Me” in shades called “Innocent” and “Passionate,” a blush palette complete with black satin lingerie bag titled “Desire Me,” and a full boxed set with eye palette called “Give In to Me” tucked neatly into a keepsake box (with a special secret compartment, natch.) According to WWD, the Make Up For Ever meets Fifty Shades of Grey collaboration is set to arrive on Dec. 26th, just in time for the New Year soirée — and the movies Feb. 13th release.

And lest you think your digits have been left out of the party, take heart. OPI is also planning on launching a 6 color collections (5 shades of grey and one red) to celebrate the film, but you’ll have to wait until January for that one.

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