Bottega Venetta Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

One of my favorite men’s designers, Bottega Veneta; Just showed their Fall/Winter 2011 collection. I love the line’s masculine and nonchalant appeal as well as their ability to reinvent vintage looks and materials and make them relevant. Their styling is one of my favorite things to pay attention to and apply to my every day. The Fall collection this year stays true to their vision and gives me ample inspiration for my own Fall look.

A large majority of the clothes shown were dark as expected, showing mostly slate greys,  blacks and dark browns. The show began with monochromatic grey suits that gave a throwback feel with baggy- yet flattering slacks paired with fitted blazers, buttoned loosely over a traditional dress shirt, buttoned to the neck, but untucked and unbuttoned at the bottom. I love this idea of mixing casual with business, there is something about the rebelliousness that attracts me. Also, check out how the pants are all loosley tucked into a simple pair of black boots. Lots of layering and meticulously crafted winter coats that would occasionally break the dark equation with a pop of Technicolor orange, green, blue, or red, also hit the runway proving that the line could be fun as well.

My favorite part of this particular show were the leather looks. The perfect fit of the leather pants, not as baggy as the suit pants, but definitely not too tight, proved to be very flattering and when combined with the belted leather jacket, it really set off the look. I can picture an editorial shoot for GQ doing something like this. Overall, this is an impressive collection, and I would wear just about any of the outfits that came down the runway this season! Can’t wait to see it in the stores!

To see the rest you can check out the whole collection at Style.com

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