Bow Tie 101

Although bow ties have been “In” for a while now, many guys are afraid to take the risk and wear them due to their complexity and the idea that they might look silly. I thought the same thing for a long time, and like with most trends, I finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it, and of course it worked. People loved and embraced the look, I never felt more stylish. It’s much easier than one would assume! Here are some tips I found to make it less intimidating.

  • Match the fabric with the season: for cooler months wear wools or flannels, for warmer weather wear seersucker, madras, or cotton.
  • Don’t make the outfit fussy. Wear it with a nice pair of dark jeans, a button up, and a cardigan or nice hoodie, and a simple pair of loafers, dress shoes, or high top tennis shoes to dress it down.
  • Stick with neutral colored ties if your outfit is colorful, and vice versa, go with a flashy tie to brighten up an otherwise muted outfit.
  • Don’t be afraid if the tie is tied somewhat sloppy (check out the Rugby store for this look), they are supposed to look like that, as a matter of fact some people don’t even tie them. They just hang them around their neck!
  • Check out displays at your local trendy clothing store to inspire ideas. Rugby, Zara, H&M, Club Monaco, J.Crew, and Ralph Lauren.
  • Although I usually stick with the authentic bow ties, clip-ons are fine. Band of Outsiders carries a nice clip on selection.
  • As tricky as it is, at least try to learn how to tie one. Here is  a video of style guru, Swizz Beats teaching you how to tie a bow tie (courtesy of GQ.com)

Here are a couple of nice looks to inspire you to finally wear that bow tie you have been eying for so long… Good luck gentlemen!

Photo: GQ.com

Photo: GQ.com

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