Bulgari Decks Jessica Chastain In Elizabeth Taylor Dazzler

Known for her penchant for collecting baubles (and husbands – 8 marriages/7 men), Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry is nearly as famous as the actress herself — which is why it makes perfect sense that the powers-that-be would bedeck Jessica Chastain in one of Taylor’s most notable gems for the 50th anniversary viewing of Taylor’s iconic film, Cleopatra.

Chastain stunned the Cannes crowd wearing Taylor’s famed Bulgari necklace — a gift to the iconic actress from co-star and husband (#’s 5 & 6) Richard Burton, who presented the stunning 65-carat sapphire-and-diamond sautoir to Taylor for her 40th birthday in 1972.

On loan from Bulgari (who bought back eight-pieces from Taylor’s 2011 Christie’s auction) the dazzling necklace is rarely loaned out, making it’s appearance in Cannes one of note.

“I feel so lucky to be wearing them. They looked so fabulous on her and she was a movie star from her head to her toes,” said Chastain. “That kind of glamorous star doesn’t exist anymore but their diamonds do.” Which is good enough reason to give you a Posh Wednesday close-up of the dazzler here!

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